Thursday, February 28, 2013


Made it back to Leai to try their lunch.

It was crazy!

Their lunch service starts at 11:30. A couple of people ahead of me, went upstairs to their cafe area.

They ordered, paid and then went to sit at a table.

I ordered, paid and went to sit at another table.

And then by 11:45 there were 10 of us waiting for lunch...and waiting.

They only have the plate lunch on their menu, so I was kinda shocked that it took so long for the food to start coming out.

By the time the lunches started flowing out it was almost 12:00.

And then all the chatter stopped...everyone was eating.

Portion-wise I'd say it was worth it.

There was pumpkin soup, salad, a pasta with cabbage, peas and ham and a beef stew (pot roast) type of dish.

Some bread on the side to mop up the gravy.

Coffee or tea...1000 yen.

If you chose not to have coffee or tea, the plate lunch is only 780 yen.

I think if you have time for lunch, this place is worth the wait.

I'll be back.


KirkK said...

So Kat, they only have those items on the menu and it took that long?

K said...

How strange - well I'm glad the food came out eventually and was good!

K and S said...

yeah only that plate lunch, Kirk...glad I had some time to wait :)

strange indeed K, but so good!

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

I can just imagine how everyone was scarfing down their food when it finally came out. Over here we always bust into the packets of grissini breadsticks on the table if the wait is long.

K and S said...

in Japan, most places don't give you bread before your meal, Rowena.

Take care.