Sunday, December 21, 2014


The other day, I did something scary...

I intended to steam some broccoli.

So, I put the steamer basket into a pot, put the broccoli in and turned on the heat.

I put the timer on and started to put some dishes away.

The pot started to make a weird noise and when I looked at the flame it was green.

Emerald green.

I thought it was kinda weird because the flame is usually blue and whenever there is water on the pot, the flame turns orangey.

Then I realized I hadn't put any water into the pot.

I turned the heat off and put some water into the pot. Steam immediately rose up.

Did you know that the green flame is whenever copper is burning? I found out after.

I'm glad I didn't cause a fire. And thankful for whomever is watching over me. (Thank you!)


Kozue said...

I remember chemistry class at high school...
That's a relief that you are safe. I did the same thing last week, actually, and it was so scary. Let's be careful!

Kalin's Mommy said...

Oh no Kat! Main thing your safe! I was just watching a FB post about 9-volt batteries catching on fire, that was pretty intense too! Apparently they can start a fire when metal hits the terminals simultaneously, spooky! They recommend always keeping the 9-volt in the plastic holder so no accidents happen. Take care! Mich

K and S said...

glad you are okay Kozue!

I saw that one too Mich, scary!

Take care you two!

KirkK said...

Whoa....glad nothing terrible happened Kat. Be safe....

jalna said...

That IS scary, Kat.

K and S said...

thanks Kirk, me too!

I know Jalna! :0

Take care you two!

Rowena said...

that is nuts! Oven/stove issues always bug me....I've contributed to more than my fair share of small kitchen fires.

K and S said...

just glad it wasn't worse Rowena :)

Take care:)

K said...

I'm glad it wasn't any worse!!

K and S said...

me too K!

Take care.