Friday, December 26, 2014

stash (part 2)

This is the other part of my "stash" of chocolates that I brought back from Hawaii this past summer.

All sorts from Chuao.

My favorite was the Popcorn Pop...this one surprised me, I thought it would have popcorn in it but it had corn chips in it. Salty-sweet!

My second favorite was the Potato Chip...this one was packed with crunchy kettle chip bits. Another salty-sweet combo!

I've tried the Firecracker before, this one is still fun with the popping candy in it.

Ravishing Rocky Road would've been better had the marshmallows been softer, at least they weren't styrofoam-ish.

The ones that were most disappointing was the Maple bacon...(what bacon?!) little to none if you ask me and the Honeycomb (bits of caramelized honey).

Even with hits and misses, I'm glad I got to try these.


KirkK said...

Nice stash Kat!

Deb in Hawaii said...

How did I miss these? The pop corn (or corn chip) and potato ones especially--yum! ;-)

K said...

I've seen these before - so many different fun flavors!

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk :)

I spotted them in the Times ad, Deb, when I had asked about where they had placed them in the store, no one knew anything about

They are definitely fun, K!

Take care everyone.