Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Spent part of the day catching up with my friend, Aya today.

She recently moved back to Osaka. We've kept in touch through nengajo (New Years cards) as well as social media.

I hadn't realized it had been close to 10 years since we've seen each other...wow!

Lots of changes, lots of catching up and lots of good food.

Thanks for a great day Aya!

p.s. that tarte was from Qu'il Fait Bon


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kathy!!!
I had a really great time with you. And I am so happy you are nice to me like before, no no!! more than before(^_-)-☆
Thanks for being my friend always.
In addition, thank you for guiding "new" Osaka Sta. area.

I can not wait to see you again. See you soon!!


K said...

Sounds like a nice day of catching up!

K and S said...

see you soon Aya!

it was K:)

Take care you two!

Happy Little Bento said...

How fun! And that tart looks amazing!

K and S said...

It was Sheri and the tarte was delicious!

Take care:)