Monday, April 27, 2015


It seems that we've jumped from Spring head first into Summer...

The daytime temps have been quite warm.

At least early mornings and evenings have been quite comfortable.

Saturday after Satoshi's class, we headed to Fukushima for lunch at Pannya.

A tiny curry shop, they have about 6 different types on their menu.

I went with the dry keema...this wasn't too spicy and had lots of cilantro.

I loved the baked naan-thingy, it was crisp with a little salt...kinda like chips.

Satoshi went with the katsu curry.

His came with pickled cabbage and a nice piece of pork loin. The curry was "soup curry style" and very spicy (it had many chili pepper markings on the menu)

Both lunches also came with a small salad and cup of coffee afterwards (hot or iced).

There are other items on their menu we'd like to try.

We'll be back.

After lunch, we walked to check out the Noda fuji (wisteria) at their community center.

It was beautiful!

Have a nice week.

2-9-10 Fukushima
Fukushima-ku, Osaka
Phone: 06.4256.6319
Closed Tuesdays
Hours: 11:00-15:00 (lunch), 18:00-22:00 (dinner)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely, tummy-filling day. I love the last photo, especially wtht the purple leaves. :-)

jalna said...

So pretty, the wisteria!!

K and S said...

Hope you had a nice weekend, Paz!

Take care:)

KirkK said...

Glad the weather is warming up Kat. Looks lovely!

K said...

Yum, looks delicious!

K and S said...

it really was Jalna!

a little too warm Kirk!

it really was K!

Take care everyone:)

Rowena said...

as long as it doesn't jump back into winter, but then with mother nature it is always a guessing game!

K and S said...

agree with you on Mother Nature's fickleness! Hope your weather is still nice, Rowena:)

Take care!