Friday, April 15, 2016


(photo taken at Daikanbo Observation Point, Kumamoto in 2006) Huge earthquake last night in Kumamoto and parts of Kyushu.

I think they said it was a 7?!

They are still trying to assess the damage, but it has been hard since the aftershocks have been almost non-stop for them.

Sending good thoughts and prayers to the affected areas.

Be well everyone.


KirkK said...

Yeah, I read about that Kat! I hope the damage of the human kind is minimal.

Julie said...

The earthquake news is airing non-stop on the NHK TV Japan channel here.
~ Sending my thoughts and prayers to the rescuers, volunteers, citizens -- all helping out.

Linda said...

Sending prayers in reference to this. Lovely photo.

K said...

I can't even imagine - especially with the numerous earthquakes after the first one!

Rowena said...

I heard the news over the weekend (along with the one in Ecuador) - terrible!