Thursday, September 22, 2016

energy dust

The other day, as I waited for typhoon #16 (they don't give them names in Japan), to pass. I made half a batch of energy bars.

This was a new recipe that I was trying and the photo of the finished product was WAY different from what mine looked like.

The most depressing part was that when I tried to cut it after cooling, it just poof fell apart...dust!

Instead of throwing it out, I scooped everything into a container and "dusted" our oatmeal with it.

I'm thinking I will use it on yogurt too.

Reasons why I think this recipe may have failed...a)I over-blitzed everything in the food processor, b) there wasn't enough "glue" (honey) to hold everything together, c) the baking time (2 or 3 minutes) might have been a typo, d)all of the above...

Debating as to whether to try this again...will decide after the long weekend.

Since today is a national holiday, Autumn Equinox, we're off to Shikoku.

Talk to you when I get back!


jalna said...

I've made some fall-apart energy bars too!

Rowena said...

you had me fooled for a moment...I thought energy dust had something scientific or whatever. have a great equinox!

KirkK said... dust. Lol!

K and S said...

Jalna :(

lol Rowena :)

lol Kirk :)

Take care everyone.

K said...

I hope it still tasted good at least!

K and S said...

don't worry K, it was tasty :)

Take care.