Thursday, September 29, 2016

nahari sights

There weren't many sights in Nahari, mainly because it is a tiny village.

N took us to see a a silk worm warehouse.

Huge building!

It isn't used any more but it was nice that they kept it in relatively good condition.

See the tiles going horizontal across the building?

Those are called "mizukiri".

Since Kochi is often hit with typhoons and severe rain, they created these mizukiri (literally "water cut") to deflect the rain.

By deflecting the rain, the walls of the building are protected from water damage.

One more warehouse with a more pronounced mizukiri.

N also showed us various stone walls surrounding homes.

He wasn't sure as to why they were made these ways, but they were fun to look at.

Cool, yeah?!

Lastly, N showed us this old train bridge and tunnel.

Only about two people could walk through it side by side.

Makes me wonder how small the train cars were back then.

Not many sights in Nahari, but we were grateful for N showing us around.

Thanks N!


Rowena said...

I thought the stone walls were pretty cool.

KirkK said...

Love the looks of those walls.

K said...

Love the stone walls!

K and S said...

The walls were neat, Rowena, Kirk & K!

Take care everyone.