Thursday, November 24, 2016

inari gyoza

There is a new recipe that is getting quite a bit of attention here...Inari Gyoza.

Instead of using gyoza wrappers, you stuff the gyoza filling into an aburage pocket.

The recipe was super easy, so I had to try.

Inari Gyoza by Yanagisawa Hideko : 2 servings

150 grams minced pork
2 handfuls of minced chives
4 thin aburage (fried tofu)

Cut each aburage in half so that you have a total of 8 pockets.

Carefully open each pocket.

Mix the pork with salt, pepper & chives.

Divide your pork mixture into 8 and stuff each pocket.

In an unoiled pan, fry until the outsides turn a light brown.

NOTES: This recipe was so easy!

The hardest part was opening up the pockets to fill.

Since my packets were quite bulgy, I added some water to the pan, to steam the insides.

It took me about 10 minutes (with flipping every 3 minutes) for it to cook.

I would recommend flattening your packets when frying so that it cooks quickly and evenly.

I would serve this with shoyu or your choice of sauce.

This is a great recipe to cut carbs because you aren't using wrappers.

I'm making these again.

p.s. Today it snowed in Tokyo, it was 54 years ago that it snowed in Tokyo in November! Krazy weather...

p.p.s. Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for family, friends and you, the readers of our blog...have a delicious one!


Jo said...

I have to try this version of gyoza - it sounds really good . I made your " super easy kimchi gyoza and it was perfect for the 2 of us , a lot easier than making the traditional style dumplings .
I am in Canada Kat , so we had our Thanksgiving last months, but we do get all the Black Friday deals - so I am off shopping tomorrow . Need a few more things and I am ready for Christmas !!

jalna said...

Looks really good!! Happy Thanksgiving, Kat!!!

Anonymous said...

Kat: I have a similar recipe but it's called stuffed tofu. Cut the aburage into triangles instead and fill it with your filling - though I use green onion, chinese parsley and minced waterchests - then put the stuffed aburage in a pot with chicken broth and cook for about 20-30 min. until done. Serve with mustard/wasabi and shoyu. Fast, easy and tasty! N

Anonymous said...

Sounds easy and delicious! Have you tried the 'bread that doesn't need to be kneaded' that everyone is doing? Tamakikat

Kalin's Mommy said...

Looks good! My mother in law does the same thing but with a pork hash/chestnut mixture and makes a light gravy, so good! Happy Thanksgiving Kat!

K and S said...

hope you got some good deals Jo, and I hope you like this too:)

Thanks Jalna!

Sounds good N!

Haven't tried that TK!

That sounds good too Mich!

Take care everyone!

KirkK said...

Sounds almost like Hakka Stuffed Tofu or Korean yubuchobap Kat.

K and S said...

will look those two up, Kirk, thanks!

Take care.