Thursday, June 07, 2018


I knew that they had fishmongers to gut your fish at the supermarkets.

What I didn't know is that they also cut slabs of fish into sashimi (sliced raw fish) for you.

I found a nice piece of madai (sea bream) at the market and right in front was a sign showing that they also cut it into sashimi (thin slices), cubes as well as thicker slices.

I asked the fishmonger behind the counter to slice it into sashimi or otsukuri as it is sometimes called.

No extra charge and they also add a packet of wasabi and shoyu.

Will definitely take advantage of this service in the future.


Anonymous said...

that looks so good! I don't really care for sashimi but I do like white types more than red types. I guess the texture is firmer.

KirkK said...

That's a good long they have the "skills".

jalna said...


K and S said...

sometimes the red types can be a bit mushy, V.

so true Kirk.

indeed Jalna :)

Take care everyone.

Rowena said...

that is just awesome. we can get a whole fish gutted but sliced into sashimi, not a chance (or if they do they would charge extra).

K and S said...

Rowena, bummer that it costs more.

Take care.