Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Thought I should update you as to what is happening "in real life"...

My passport took 2 weeks to get renewed (just as they had estimated).

Apparently, they don't expedite them for a fee like they do in the States, but are apparently faster (and apparently are more expensive) than the States.

On the day of my appointment, they took me earlier than my appointment time and I thought it was all pretty speedy.

After receiving my passport, I looked online for flights...

I really wanted to fly out from Haneda (because we only live 30 minutes away by train).

I usually fly JAL but apparently the only flights JAL has flying out of Haneda are code-shared with Hawaiian (using Hawaiian's planes).

The flights are about $200 (both ways) more than flying out from Narita and are really late at night.

I've also heard mixed reviews about flying even if Narita is out of the way for me, I decided to fly out from Narita.

In the past couple of weeks, we got to eat some peaches.

This particular variety from Yamanashi prefecture is called Hakuho and was a little more "perfume-y" than varieties we've had over the years.

As always, the skins just peel off because they are perfectly ripe.

We also got to eat some sakuranbo from Yamagata prefecture.

I have never had "sweet" sakuranbo.

Maybe I don't know how to choose them or maybe they are supposed to be sour-ish, but the ones I've picked out are always tart.

I am pretty sure the Japanese do not realize the goodness of beets (yet), these beauties were in the "old veggie" area of the market...only 398 yen (plus tax) cheap and so big!

Oh and my dental issues which started back in April...are still not resolved and will be taking a "summer vacation", while I am in Hawaii...

In fact, I should already be in Hawaii when this posts.

While in Hawaii, we'll be having a service for my father and settling his estate.

It may be quiet here, just thought I should let you know.

Be well and talk to you soon.


Helen said...

You found beets with the tops still attached! When I can find beets here, they are about 500 yen for one huge beet and the tops are long gone.

I hope your Hawaii trip goes well.

K and S said...

Thank you Helen, I really believe Japanese don't appreciate the greens too.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying Hawn airfare from and back to Haneda is only $400???? Holy moly!!!! Hawaiian just had a "sale" for $583 and that is a really good price. I'm paying $631 for my November trip which I booked just 1 week before this fare came out. Grrr.
All the times I've flown Hawaiian to Japan have been really good. I feel the food is better too.
Sorry you have to rush back for your father's services and settle his estate. Very trying.
Please LMK if you need any help.
Take care,

K said...

Good luck with the travel/flights!

K and S said...

Thank you K!
Take care.

K and S said...

no V, my fare was $1700 from Narita, it would’ve been $2100 from Haneda.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Take care and Good luck!


Kalin's Mommy said...

OMG on the fare, 1700 to 2100! Ouch. Well hope everything goes smoothly for the estate stuff, I just did that for my father a couple years ago and that took a while. We just sold the property last year, that took some time! Mich

Rowena said...

have a safe trip Kat, and again, my condolences to you and your family ♥

Anonymous said...

Safe and smooth travels to you,Kat!
Take good care.

Warmest Regards,
Southern California Reader

2kamuela47 said...

Have a safe journey Kat, and condolences to you and the ohana. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

KirkK said...

Have fun during your visit "home" Kat! I've been following you on Flickr!

K and S said...

Thank you Tomomi!

Thank you Mich!

Thank you Rowena!

Thank you SC Reader!

Thank you 2kamuela47!

Thank you Kirk!

Take care everyone.

Rowena said...

my passport is going to be delivered tomorrow...after only 1 week?!? can't believe it, website says 3 weeks, but yeah, expensive 99€ + 27€ home delivery UPS.

K and S said...

whoo hoo Rowena!

Take care.