Saturday, September 14, 2019

this week

Friday, met up with V...we had lunch at Moke's Bread and Breakfast in Kaimuki.

I think this is in the space where Kan Zaman used to be.

This place has breakfast type foods, as well as sandwiches.

V tried their smoked ahi melt...her sandwich looked so good!

I tried their Honey Butter Biscuit plate...this came with a grilled biscuit, their honey butter, eggs done your way (I chose over medium) and your choice of meat (I chose portuguese sausage).

We enjoyed our food and glad we tried this place but the interior of this place has everything bouncing off the walls which made for shouting conversations...sigh

Dinner was a solo pupu party...I bought the mini chirashi from Aloha Cones and added edamame and avocado.

Bummed that they moved from Pearlridge to Kalihi (old Kam Bakery building).

Their parking is kind of krazy, would definitely recommend parking in their 2nd lot (located below the lot behind the building)

Saturday, Breakfast with relatives at Liliha Bakery on Nimitz.

Since the time we met up was later than my breakfast time, I had this for my lunch...grilled cornbread with portuguese sausage.

Their cornbread was so dry...bummer.

Dinner with BFF, Wen at La Tour Cafe...their curry chicken salad was too spicy for my liking.

Sunday, Open House.

According to the realtor, there were 8 groups that came to the Open House and several families that were interested.

In the evening, we had a 7 year service for my mom.

It is actually 6 years since she has passed but the way they count years in Japan makes it fast, yet not really.

Aunty Merle arranged for her friends to perform the service (thank you!).

Dinner was from Roast Duck much food! roast chicken, cake noodle, roast pork, char siu, some salads from Down to Earth (curry quinoa and pono potato salad).

Aunty Marian brought Haupia Chiffon Cake from Cake Works. (thank you!)

My mom loved coconut as well as chinese food, I think she would've approved of this dinner.

Monday, 2nd showing for a family that came to the Sunday Open House.

I went to Starbucks to wait out the hour during the showing.

Bummed that the nitro cold brew I ordered wasn't even cold.

That evening...we got an offer from the family!

Tuesday, we put in a counter offer.

Lunch with Aunty Marian and Aunty Viv at Kalapawai Cafe in Kapolei.

I had their reuben with a good!

Thanks for lunch Aunty Viv!

I also got to drive Aunty Marian's loaner which was a Mini Countryman which was more like an SUV.

Bummed that it was automatic, I love driving, especially if it is a manual (stick shift) car.

Wednesday, Uncle Herb and Aunty Viv took the remaining cement pots that we had lying around the garden.

Aunty Viv said that it is hard to come by these cement types pots, I'm glad it is going to a good home. (Thank you!)

That evening, the family accepted our counter offer...whoo!

Thursday, heat and humidity have been pretty krazy this summer/fall...

Tried a new (to me) tea by Shaka Tea...mamaki (Hawaiian nettle), pineapple, mint and sweetened with monk fruit.

I'm glad I tried this and would prefer this unsweetened.

Barricade situation on a part of our neighborhood, luckily it didn't affect our street, but many had to stay at a nearby recreation center.

I was also worried that with the news, the buyers might change their glad the situation ended peacefully at midnight.

Rounding out the week though was this sunset.

Hope you have a nice weekend.

Moke's Bread & Breakfast
1127 11th Avenue
Kaimuki, Hawaii
Phone: 808.367.0571
Hours: 6:30-14:00


Anonymous said...

congratulations on the house, although sad because now it will really happen.

I heard that barricade situation was the same guy from years ago! My cuz was trapped at the church and could actually see the bullets hitting their parking lot. So scared!

I had a manual mini cooper S hatchback in 2010. Actually loved it but got rid of it as soon as warranty was about to expire because I lost all confidence in their service dept. It was fun to drive and I still want one again but....


Anonymous said...

I’m both glad and sad for you regarding your house, but you will always your memories and you are so fortunate to have so many good ones! I’m not surprised by Your Liliha Bakery experience; my family was disappointed too. I look forward to your future posts wherever you may be :).

Kalin's Mommy said...

Yay, congratulations on selling the house, I can relate...happy and relieved, but kinda sad at the same time. Take care, Mich

jalna said...

You did it!! But . . . awwww . . .

KirkK said...

Time sure does fly Kat. I'm sure the sale will be quite bittersweet.

Rowena said...

barricade situation??! I guess you'll be back in Japan before you know it, but I'm happy for you that the house sold so quickly

K and S said...

oh em gee V, that is my classmate, and yes, he did almost the same thing 20 years back! so sad!

Thanks Anon, I think Liliha Bakery's cocoa puffs have also gone downhill too...

Thanks Mich..happy, relieved and sad is right.

Thanks Jalna, I know...

Thanks Kirk...bittersweet indeed.

oh em gee, Rowena, at least we were able to come back home, others near the barricade were not so lucky. I'm thankful that the house sold quickly.

Take care everyone.