Saturday, August 12, 2017

kan zaman (kaimuki), via gelato & snacks

Untitled I was lucky to be able to meet up with Deb as she's quite busy these days with work.

We met at Kan Zaman in Kaimuki.

I had their shop in Chinatown on my "to try" list and then recently, they opened another shop in Kaimuki.

Deb and I both had their falafel sandwich...loved the salad dressing, it was fruity.

Unfortunately the falafel were overcooked so they were quite hard & dry.

The sauce they served this with didn't add much to the sandwich...bummer

I did enjoy the iced mint tea, perfect for the hot day that it was.

Our waiter while nice was super antsy asking if we were ready to order dessert, and we had only just started eating our lunches!

It was great having the whole place to ourselves, though I hope they do well here.

Untitled After lunch, we went over to Via Gelato for dessert.

Deb had their Apple Pie gelato, nice chunks of apple pie in there!

I chose the Fierce Chocolate and Coffee Toffee with nice pieces of toffee here and there.

Untitled Deb spoiled me with all these snacks! Huge bags of the latest Lay's flavors as well as some things from Trader Joe's and other goodies.

It is always nice catching up with Deb and I appreciate her taking time out of her busy day for me.

Thanks Deb!

Kan Zaman Kaimuki
1127 11th Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 808.260.1763
Hours: Sundays–Thursdays: 11:00–21:30
Fridays-Saturdays: 11:00-22:30


Deb in Hawaii said...

I appreciate you taking time to hang out with me, it truly is a highlight of my summer. I was thinking of our waiter today and laughing to myself--so needy. ;-)

Thank you yet again for my fun goodies and the gelato and especially for the friendship. I look forward to next year!

jalna said...

I'm finding out about all kinds of different eating places from you!

K and S said...

I look forward to next year too Deb! Thank you again for meeting up!

I find out about all kinds of different places from you too, Jalna!

Take care you two!

Rowena said...

fried green tomato chips???! OMIGOD YUM!

K and S said...

I hope it is tasty Rowena, from what I've been hearing the taco one is the best...

Take care.

KirkK said...

The Missus likes the taco flavor the best....kinda think it's a bit gross....the everything bagel one for me.

K and S said...

ah thanks for your input Kirk!

Take care!