Thursday, July 02, 2020

love technology

Yesterday, it was raining heavily and the wind was howling.

While I was in the kitchen, water started "pouring" out of the air conditioner (a/c)!

I quickly turned it off, grabbed some towels and a bowl and then went online to figure out what to do.

Love the internet!

The website I found told me it that there may be a couple reasons why water was coming out of the a/c...

1. The drain hose was clogged...(I think) this is where the water that goes through the a/c to cool the air gets disposed of...on our lanai it makes a little trail of water...

2. The cooling unit inside of the a/c was clogged...

I started with reason 1...but first I had to figure out what the drain hose looked like...thank goodness for online photos!

I then went outside (in the rain) and looked at the drain hose...yup, it was buried in a little pile of dirt.

I took it out of the dirt and positioned the hose so that it wouldn't touch the dirt any more.

Then I turned the a/c (holding my breath) on again (with the bowl and towels still under it) drips!

So far this seems to be doing the trick!

I'm glad that the water that fell didn't damage the microwave.

And glad that the electrical outlet isn't near the wall where the water fell.

Also very thankful that this didn't happen when we were not at home (I sometimes set the timer to turn on the a/c to cool the room before we come home)

Glad the rain has stopped (for today) though it will rain again from tomorrow...will clean the dirt off the lanai...


Anonymous said...

Aside from the internet, luckily you're resourceful so able to research these things!
And, really lucky you were home to catch the leak. I know several people whose units were flooded because either their (or upstairs neighbor's) water heater, washer or something leaked while they were on trips.

jalna said...

Ho, I totally love finding solutions to problems online.

Rowena said...

water, electric, yikes! just glad that nothing bad happened and that you didn't get hurt!

K and S said...

I know some people who had leaks while they were on trips too V! such an awful thing to come home to.

Jalna, and so good when the info actually works too, yeah?!

Rowena, definitely glad I didn't get hurt!

Take care everyone.

Steph said...

We have solved many problems with a Google search or a youtube video. I'm glad you were able to fix the dripping and that you are ok!

KirkK said...

Wow, that's great that you found useful and accurate info Kat!

K and S said...

you tube is very useful too Steph :)

Kirk, sometimes there are info that doesn't work too :p

Take care you two!