Friday, July 31, 2020

no plan

So...Tokyo's numbers have been increasing 100 everyday...we had 463 today.

The main branch of government has not stepped up, they are on summer break...WT.

The photo is of the chairmen of the Tokyo Doctor's Association...he is "asking" the main branch of government to reopen and meet to negotiate a "plan" so that we can stop the increase in cases.

It makes me sad that he cannot demand, only ask.

It makes me frustrated that the Japanese are not more verbal.

I don't think I've watched government's actions this closely, ever...

Am pretty sure the asymptomatic people are the key to get the number down, which means we need more testing.

I cringe every time I see people chatting on the street without masks.

It is the end of July....hope the next month will bring better things to talk about.

Have a safe weekend.


KirkK said...

You want an example of "no plan"......see what's happening here in the States Kat.

jalna said...

I am so amazed (and stunned) at how in this day of modern technology a microscopic particle is totally bringing the world down. Stay safe, Kat. Keep doing your part at least. Thinking of you and Satoshi always.

K and S said...

I have been watching what is unfolding in the States via CNN sad.

me too Jalna, hope you are doing well and keeping busy.

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

I feel you frustration. I still see some folks around here that don't wear masks in public....geeeeeeeez...happy to be staying safe at home!

K and S said...

Rowena, we got babooz here that are confirmed cases running around because they are worried about their job or the hospital they are at doesn't feed them enough...WTF?!

Take care.