Friday, July 17, 2020


In our area, there are quite a number of restaurants that are now doing takeout.

Wednesday, I got to try Rakyo's Inada burger.

Rakyo is a tiny shop that sells all sorts of fish that they catch.

We've eaten here a couple of times and love their food.

Their teishoku (set meals) are HUGE and are reasonably priced. 

My burger was two nice pieces of inada with a large piece of nori in between.

Inada is the name for Japanese Amberjack.

The fish was nicely coated and fried.

The bun was a bit soggy from the cabbage and wasabi mayo, but overall the sandwich was delicious.

For 400 yen (tax included), this was very reasonable.  I'll be back.

And we look forward to dining here again once Tokyo's numbers get under control.

Have a nice and safe weekend everyone.


KirkK said...

The "black" thing threw me off at first Kat.....until I realized it was nori.

K and S said...

lol Kirk, yes, it threw me off too when I taking the photo.

Take care.