Friday, November 18, 2005

fall colors, cafe feole

Since Satoshi worked on Saturday & Sunday last weekend, he took Tuesday and Friday off. We didn't do anything on Tuesday because I still had the sniffles, but we decided to check out the fall foliage today.

The first place we visited was Katsuoji Temple. It is about 10 minutes by taxi from the Minoo station.

We were a bit disappointed because the leaves weren't too red. In fact, most of the trees leaves were kind of drying and brown.

We caught the bus from Katsuoji down the other side of the mountain towards an area called Senri.

We decided to check out the Sanshikisaido near the Kita-Senri Station. Here the leaves were light pink, light orange and light green...way nicer than Katsuoji.

After walking the Sanshikisaido, we decided to have lunch in Onohara. There were a couple of cafes that I wanted to check out there, so we decided to have lunch at Cafe Feole. The pasta lunch was very good and it came with a salad. We also added on coffee and dessert. Delicious!

This weekend we're planning to check out the Arashiyama and the Nagaoka areas.

Cafe Feole
2-2-32 OnoharaHigashi
Minoo, Osaka
Closed every Wednesday and every 3rd Thursday of the month.

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