Wednesday, November 02, 2005

more sweet treats

Last month, Satoshi went to Cairns for his company trip. This is one of his "omiyage" (souvenirs) that he brought back for me. DFS(Duty Free Shoppers)Earl Grey shortbread cookies.

The box is really cute!

Also, last month when we went to Kobe, we bought some cookies and friands(like pound cake) from Chocolat Republic. They had some pretty interesting cookie flavors, green tea (the green round one), black pepper (the yellow round one) and wheat germ chocolate chip. They were actually very good, even the black pepper one!!

The Kobe Chef Club is a company that makes desserts that you can find at most convenience stores and supermarkets. Their desserts reflect the rich style of Kobe.

Winter Truffle came out last year and is back again this year...I, of course, bought the dark chocolate one. It is basically a pudding that has the thick, rich consistency of ganache (the filling that are found in truffles).

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