Thursday, November 24, 2005

fall colors in kyoto (part 2)

After our Chinese lunch, we caught the train again to a station called Omuro. There is a huge temple called Ninna-ji. This temple used to be the residence for the previous emperor, Uda. And is now the headquarters for the Omuro school of the Shingon sect and Omuro school of flower arrangement (ikebana).

Ninna-ji had a beautiful Zen rock garden area where you could sit and look at the fall colors and just day dream...

From Ninna-ji we were back on the train to the end of the line, Kitahakubaicho. We stayed on the train and rode back to the transfer point, Katabiranotsuji, and then transferred to the Shijo-omiya line. This part of the line actually runs alongside of the road that cars run on!! If you're not careful, you could get hit by a car when getting off the train!

I didn't really care for riding on the Keifuku line, for one thing, the car is very narrow. And with the tourist season being at its peak, being crammed into a narrow car can be a bit tiring and frustrating. Also, a lot of people in Japan have stopped using their mouths, they cannot politely say "I'm getting off" or "Excuse me", they just PUSH their way on or off the trains.

Instead of moving into the back of the train car, they just stand in the doorways...At one stop, we were trying to board the train, an older man was in front of me and he was also trying to board, a young couple from inside the train apparently wanted to get off but of course didn't bother to say so, so the older man continued to squeeze himself onto the train.

As the bell was ringing to board the train, the younger man decided to SHOVE the older man off, who in turn jabbed his elbow into my chest (OW!) The older man shouted at the younger one...and we all ended up feeling frustrated...If only the younger man had said, "I'm getting off", the older man would have waited to board....sigh...

Aside from this bad experience, Satoshi & I had a very nice day....where to go this weekend....hmm

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

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