Monday, November 21, 2005

scone (part 2) & kinpira

Today we had sunny skies, so with the cool weather it was very nice and comfortable.

Instead of going somewhere, I decided to try the scone recipe again...This time I put oatmeal, cranberries, orange zest and chocolate chips.

The dough was really stiff, but when it baked it really spread out...I have a feeling it's the amount of butter (I think it may be too much). I'll try to cut it back some more the next time I attempt to try this again. :)

Anyway, the scone was really good with a glass of milk.

I also made some kinpira for our dinner. Kinpira is gobo (burdock root), carrots, konyaku (jelled devil's tongue--made from sweet potato) cooked in dashi (seaweed & bonito stock), shoyu (soy sauce) & mirin (sweet rice wine). I also add a little chili pepper for some kick.

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