Friday, December 09, 2005


Okay, I've figured out what I was doing wrong...actually, the idea came to me the other day when Satoshi and I were having lunch in a soba (buckwheat) shop, called Irifune. This shop has been in business since the year 30 of the Meiji Period (1897).

The owner, invites elementary and intermediate students to learn how to make soba and to work in his shop for a day. It is a good way for the students to get "hands-on" learning experience and it also gives them a good chance to explore different occupations (I've seen some students helping in the supermarkets too.)

Anyway, the owner was explaining to the student that when they make soba, it usually takes a cup and a half of water. But, because of the weather, humidity in the air, etc., you don't always use up the cup and a half, you have to just feel the dough and decide whether you need more water or not.

When I overheard this, a lightbulb came on...when I make my scones, if the consistency of the dough is okay, I don't have to use up all the, I decided to try out the advice...they came out great!! I got the round shape from these cookie cutters I got at the 100 yen shop. They have a little bit of flour on top because I over-floured the board...but they came out fluffy and great.

This was an extra project for bead crochet. I apparently did something wrong and the bottom of the necklace came out frilly...oh, well, now it is an original.... :)

Have a nice weekend!!

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