Sunday, December 18, 2005

not sunday, snowday

Today we woke up to....SNOW!! Ever since we've moved to Japan, it has never snowed enough to keep frozen on top of the roof of a car or on the street, we've only had flurries that melted as soon as it touched the ground.

Today we went to see the movie, "Otokotachi no Yamato". It was based on historical information about the largest battleship in the world during that period. The movie was really good, but the crowd -- mainly elderly people, talked (really loud) during the film and a lot of people were opening plastic packages of food during the movie too...sigh...still, it was a good film.

After the movie, we decided to have lunch at Momofukutei. We've gone to this restaurant in the past. It is named after the creator of the Nisshin Cup Noodle, Momofuku Ando. I think they use noodles made by Nisshin, but everything else is their own. They have two kinds of ramen, a shoyu based one and a tonkotsu one. The tonkotsu base is made from simmered bones of pork and chicken. I had the shoyu based one, the soup is made from chicken broth, so it was very light and tasted great! The hot soup really hit the spot! We also bought some bite sized gyoza (pot stickers). This restaurant also serves rooibos tea, which has lots of anti-oxidants and is supposed to be caffeine free.

Today's dessert was Bitter Chocolate ice cream made by The Obroma, it was a very tiny cup, but it was REALLY good dark chocolate!!

Keep warm everyone....have a great week!!

2-10 Masumi-cho
Ikeda, Osaka
Phone: 072-750-3129
Open: 11am-11pm (UPDATE: this location is now Ippudo Ramen)


Anonymous said...

Funny, it was chilly here on Oahu this past Friday night: at least 59F. But alas, no snow...

I read that it's snowing in different parts of Western Japan (e.g. 17cm in Hiroshima).

K and S said...

Major snow in other parts of Western Japan, Saburo. I think we haven't seen a "cold" winter in about 5 years.

Have a nice weekend.

K and S said...

sorry, I meant 10 years not 5...