Monday, December 19, 2005

movies that kat (and some that satoshi) saw

The movies I've listed below aren't in any ranking order. They are the movies that I (and some that Satoshi)saw this year. Movies in Japan are quite expensive about $20 per person! I usually try to go to movies on "Ladies Day" (this day varies at different theaters) because it is only $10.

"The Wedding Date"--romantic comedy
"Million Dollar Baby"--definitely bring Kleenex
"Shall we dance?" (American version)--the Japanese version was better
"Shining Boy & Little Randy"--Japanese movie)great story about a boy and an elephant
"Denshaotoko"--(Japanese movie)romantic comedy
"March of the Penguins"--(French movie)the harsh conditions and footage were spectacular
"Haru no yuki"--(Japanese movie)--tragic love story
"Always 3-chome no yuuhi--(Japanese movie) entertaining look at Japan in the 1950's
"Mr & Mrs Smith"--action film
"Memoirs of a Geisha"--very close to book version
"Otokotachi no Yamato"--film based on historical information

Maybe some film festivals will bring these Japanese films your way...

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