Wednesday, February 15, 2006

the day after...

It's the day after Valentine's Day...Satoshi was so busy that I didn't even receive a card :( Although, we did receive these chocolates from Satoshi's staff (Thank you!!)

Satoshi had the day off so we did some errands. After all of our errands were done, we went to see the movie "Flightplan". It was an interesting movie that kept you at the edge of your seat until the end.

For lunch, we went to a restaurant called Tawawa. This restaurant uses Kyoyasai (vegetables from Kyoto) and have an all-you-can-eat salad bar. My main dish was roast pork with a whole tomato on top(there is pork under there...). The whole dish was baked. There wasn't too much added seasonings so the flavor of the tomato really came through.

This is my first round at the salad bar (I went for seconds...)

After lunch, we had some time before the movie so we walked around the Carrefour market. I bought some anchovy paste since I want to try to make olive tapenade soon.

After roaming the aisles, we still had over a half hour before the movie, so we decided to have dessert. Our favorite cafe, Hiro, has a shop at the shopping center we were at, plus I received a coupon in the mail entitling us to 2 free cake and coffees (the key word....FREE!). Satoshi had a matcha cake with matcha white chocolate called "Japone", I had the sacher torte. I had never had it before and was surprised because there was apricot jam in between the chocolate and cake.

It was a great day despite the rain....

UPDATE: as of November 2011, Carrefour and Hiro are no longer at Visola


bourgogne said...

i heard that in japan, the guys are the ones that receive a valentine gift and not the girls. that is one messed up tradition! who turned that one around? (answer: some greedy, unromantic guy) btw, all that food looked good :)

K and S said...

you're right Bourgogne, it is a messed up tradition...I definitely wouldn't be happy receiving white chocolate a month AFTER Valentine's day (diamonds maybe, but not white chocolate...)

the food was really good! :)

thanks for stopping by and hope your V-day was a good one!

Kat & Satoshi

eat stuff said...

If you get white chocolate you will need to specify "valhrona" hehehhe :)

I am so drooling over the Matcha cake!
Oh real matcha and not the cheap stuff you get here!

K and S said...

hi clare,

nah...i don't like white chocolate at it will have to be diamonds! ;)

thanks for stopping by!!

kat & satoshi

Journal Actif said...

Hi Kat,
Such a lovely evening you had. About the jam, it is necessary to coat the cake with buttercream or an apricot jam glaze before coating it with the icing (in this case chocolate). The layer of buttercream or jam "seals" the cake and preserves it freshness. Funny you mention this. My activity this evening will evolve around petits-fours preparation for an engagement party. I'm still hesitating going the apricot glaze route or the buttercream one.

K and S said...

hi zoubida,

thank you for the info. after i had the torte, i looked onto the internet and it explained about the jam. i think it may be nice to have buttercream instead of the jam. the jam tended to make the cake very sweet.

thanks for stopping by!

kat & satoshi

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmm ... Ferrero Rocher ... my favourite!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, you do have Ferrero rocher in Japan too... I can't even imagine how expensive they must be for I find them quite enough expensive already here ( in France).
I have just discovered your blog thanks to a link on one of your comments on Blue Lotus...

K and S said...

Hi Thalie,

Thanks for stopping by!

Yes, we have Ferrero Rocher here. We also have lots of other import chocolates too. They are quite expensive but oh so good!

I hope you'll stop by again soon!

Kat & Satoshi