Wednesday, February 22, 2006

got gas?

Nope, it's not what you are probably thinking. If I remember correctly when we went to France they asked us if we wanted our water with gas or without. This means carbonated water or not.

Since moving to Japan, I've stopped drinking soda. But, there have been times when I want a little fizzy something to drink--but don't want to fall back into drinking, I've found carbonated water...I know, to buy water is a bit crazy and can be expensive.

Luckily, we have 100 yen shops here. This means EVERY item in the store is only $1 each (it is amazing what they sell in these stores these days!)...I found these imports in the 100 yen shop...if you were to purchase these in the supermarket you can expect to pay up to 300 yen ($3) a bottle.

From left to right: San Benedetto (Italy), Vals (France), Brio Blu (Italy).


Anonymous said...

that is ridiculous!
I looove sparklingwater, it is how I survive summmer in Oz and I am very jealous. I have luckily found that I cna get san vittoria for aprox $1.50 for a 1.5 L! Otherwise it is no name soda water ;)

bourgogne said...

heeheehee! that's true they DO ask if you want water with gas; it's particularly unappetizing in french too because when someone has the farts, the say they have "the gases." (j'ai des gaz)

don't they have kitchen gadgets that carbonate water? i dunno. like the seltzer bottles in delis.

K and S said...

Hi Clare,

Wow, $1.50 for a Liter! That is a great bargain. BTW, Satoshi is on a business trip to Sydney now. Say "hi" if you see him ;)

Hi Bourgogne,
That is a great idea! Will have to check out the gadgets and see. Maybe when I go back to Hawaii in April, will buy it then... Probably worth to buy the gadget and "gas" my own water!

Thanks for the info and stopping by!

Kat & Satoshi