Monday, February 27, 2006


Yesterday's weather was one of the worst I've ever experienced. It was raining and very windy! I had to go grocery shopping but didn't know when the rain would stop, so I put on raincoat and braved the wind and rain.

Needless to say, I was soaked by the time I reached the supermarket. I did my shopping quickly and rushed home so that I could change out of my clothes. They were so soaked they felt just like when you take them out half-way through a wash cycle! I hope I don't catch another cold (I've already had two this season!)

I have only spent one winter in Japan; when we first moved here, and this is my second.

All the other winters were spent in Hawaii (where I'm from). So, I don't really know what winter is all about. After reading about "haramaki" (stomach wrap) on Amy's blog, Blue Lotus, I had to go out to get me one (or two)...this little piece of material wraps around your mid-section and REALLY keeps you warm! (Thanks for sharing, Amy!)

For lunch today, I bought a teriyaki chicken sandwich with veggies on chapata bread. I looked on the internet and chapata bread is also called ciabatta bread. Ciabatta bread originated in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy.

Its name means "slipper" as it is said to resemble a well-worn slipper. Its light airy texture is due to its long rising time and the use of a wet dough. It is an unusual process in that the dough is not punched down to elminate the air bubbles as with other breads. It needs to be handled with great care so as not to lose the air bubbles that have formed after the long rising. (from The Essential Baking Cookbook)
This sandwich was really good because they had huge pieces of teriyaki chicken in it.

I ate my sandwich along with these cute potato snacks called "Jumpy's". They are shaped like little kangaroos. Satoshi got them in a snack bag from Australia Airlines. And wouldn't you know they are made by a company called the REAL McCOY snackfood company!

Hope you have a nice week.


Journal Actif said...

These little stomach wraps are a discovery to me. What a great idea! What is inside of the fabric?
I really hope you don't catch a third cold. I have my first right now, the kind that makes you feel like a truck passed over your body. It's a bad reminder of the body telling me "be carefull and take care of me!". Oh well...
The sandwich sounds so good. I never made ciabiata but I buy it in a... French bakery (laugh!). It's so good!
Those little jumpies made my sons react very vividly LOL. They want some! I should be carefull they don't look over my shoulder when I visit you.
Take care and have yourself lots of tea and orange juice.

K and S said...

Hi Zoubida,

These "haramaki" are made of a slightly stretchy fabric. They kind of remind me of "tube tops", do you know these?

Please take care of yourself, Zoubida. You've been working so hard on that wedding cake.

Rest up!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, those are very nice!! Lol, I read Amy's blog too, and I too had an urge to go out right away and buy them, but I couldn't find nice ones like yours and Amy's--where did you buy them? I only saw those cheapo ones that look like they are made of dishcloths...(I live in Japan too--Tokyo suburbs)

K and S said...

Hi tm,

I found mine at JUSCO, in the underwear department. They were kind of hidden...but I didn't ask, just snooped around until I found them. The package had "halamaki" written on it.

They are quite thin, but do the job.

I'm amazed!

Good luck in your search and thanks for stopping by!

Kat & Satoshi

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! I don't have a Jusco near here so I went to Ito Yokado and Daiei, but they had the ugly ones, so then I finally went to Tokyu Dept. Store and they had some pretty ones, yay! I'm wearing one now, and wow, they really work! And I'm one of those people who are always cold, even though I'm Canadian, lol! Thanks for sharing!! :D

K and S said...

Cool you found them, tm!
Aren't they they best :P

Kat & Satoshi

Anonymous said...

Please visit my blog and leave a comment!

P.S. I love jumpies. Also, which countrie do you live in?

K and S said...

Hi Natalie,

Great blog you have there! I live in Japan!

Take care.