Tuesday, February 14, 2006

kure-onomichi-tomonoura (part 3)

From Onomichi, we went back to Fukuyama and then took a bus to a little fishing town called Tomo-no-ura. In feudal days, boats used to use this harbor area to wait to see the shift in tides and winds before heading back out to sea.

There is a little part of town which still have houses and shops from the Edo period. Part of this town was also used to film the movie, "Yamato".

Along the sea area, there are many vendors selling dried and fresh fish. If you look carefully, you'll see a flock of seagulls eyeing out the fish from a distance...

The hotel we stayed at Ofutei, is rather new, this was the sashimi (raw fish) platter that came with our dinner.

Also, when you stay at ryokan (Japanese inn), there is a platter of snacks for you to try, this is so that you can purchase them from the gift shop....

From Tomo-no-ura, we went back to Fukuyama. While waiting for our train back to Osaka, there was a little article about "curry pan" in our guide book. We tried this "curry pan" at the Food court at the Lotz Department store in Fukuyama. The vendor is called Spice Note. These curry pan are larger than what you can buy at bake shops. I had the original, Satoshi had the shrimp/mayo (ebi-mayo). Both were good, especially since it was right out of the fryer!

Here are some of the foodie souvenirs we got on our trip. From the top, clockwise, "Kaigunsan no curry" (Sailor 's curry), Onomichi ramen from Ichibankan, Yamato senbei (cookies), Inoshima no hassaku jelly (Inoshima's hassaku gelatin) and a pair of susutake chopsticks. Susutake is a type of bamboo that is used to thatch roofs and is colored by the soot of the hearth. These chopsticks had a nice twist at the handles.

We had a nice, relaxing time!


Anonymous said...


It sounds like you and your husband had a wonderful time!

Happy Valentine's Day!

K and S said...

Hi Ivonne,

We had a very nice, relaxing time! Plus, the weather was quite warm.


Yi @ YiReservation said...

Thanks for sharing. I came across this post while I was searching for activities in Tomonoura. My wife and I are traveling to Japan march and we will stop by at a ryokan in Tomonoura (not Ofutei)while we go from Hiroshima to Osaka. It sounds like an interesting and quiet little town to spend the night at. Thanks for the info!

K and S said...

Hope you have a nice time Yi!

Take care!