Saturday, February 24, 2007


Today my Aunty asked if I would like to tag along with her on her errands, so I did. After her errands, we were going to have lunch in Chinatown, but couldn't seem to find any parking, so we headed to Pier 38.

Pier 38 is the home of the Honolulu Fish Auction and a place that I had heard of called Nico's Pier 38. We happened to get there at the peak lunching hour so it was PACKED!

As you enter the place, there are many tables under a huge awning, where you can check out what everyone else is noshing on.

Then you enter the building to order your food, be prepared to wait in line (especially at lunch time), I think at some times the line was 4 or 5 deep! They have a wide selection of items on their menu and they are reasonably priced. Be sure to try the catch of the day items; since they are next to the fish auction, you know they will be fresh! After placing your order you'll be given a pager-like thing that will light up when your order is ready.

You can either wait inside, if there aren't too many people ordering, or in the dining area. You'll also have to find your own seats since there isn't any wait service.

We took our lunch right across to some picnic tables which are along the pier.

My aunty and I tried their Catch Salad of the Day--seared ahi(tuna) poke on greens with a plum vinaigrette--US$8.11. The portion was perfect and ono!

Have a great weekend!

1133 N. Nimitz Hwy. (UPDATE: moved to 1129 N. Nimitz Hwy)
Phone: 808.540.1377
Open: M-F 6:30-18:00
S 6:30-14:30

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