Tuesday, February 06, 2007

while roaming the aisles

Yesterday, before the game, we roamed the aisles of Costco. There in the deli section, we found this HUGE pizza (my mom thinks it is an 16"-18" square) you'll never see one this big in Japan, unless maybe you shop at their Costco!

We don't have a pan to fit the whole thing and didn't have the people to eat all of it, so we cut it up into 16 pieces and froze half of it.

Also while roaming the aisles, mom found these...Sahale Snacks. I've seen them on QVC or some other shopping channel. I tried to order them from Amazon.com, but they have some kind of rule about not shipping grocery items to Alaska and Hawaii (pouty face inserted)...

so anyway, Costco had these called "Sing Buri"--cashews, peanuts and dried pineapple coated with a lemongrass, a mild Chinese chili spice and black and white sesame seeds...addicting! When you first pop some into your mouth, it is quite sweet, then there is a slight zing of spiciness but not to the point where you feel your mouth is on fire. I hope to find more of their other products here.

After lunch, the game started and I watched all the way up to the 3rd quarter..Go Colts! I then got a bit bored and went down to the supermarket thinking that I would be the only one there...WRONG! All the women (and some men that got dragged along) were there. Still, it wasn't as crowded as it normally is on a Sunday.

As I roamed the aisles here, I came across some Mexican chocolate made by Ibarra. I hope it is good!

So, the big game is over and the ads have been shown...Congratulations Indianapolis!

Hope you have a great week, I'm off to the Big Island (the island of Hawaii) for a couple of days to visit with relatives! (this photo was taken at Ko'olina the last time I was home)


Jann said...

you have some great finds again-oh, that pizza!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that pizza is really big!
Have a safe trip to the Big Island.
Is that mean you are going to have blogging off for a couple of days? I guess we will find out tomorrow. :)

Brilynn said...

Those snacks sound really good.

If you've never had Mexican chocolate, it might be different from what you're expecting...

K and S said...

Thanks for the tip, Brilynn, I'll be sure to post about my thoughts on the Mexican chocolate after trying it :)

The pizza was HUGE, Sue and Jann! We had to freeze most of it!

Take care everyone!

IamJacksBrain said...

The Ibarra I've had was ok. I'm sure there has to be better Mexican chocolate.

K and S said...

I hope this mexican chocolate is good. If you hear of a better one, please tell me about it.

Take care.

IamJacksBrain said...

You'd think living in Phoenix there'd be more options for Mexican chocolate, but Ibarra is the only one I recall seeing. Now you've given me something to look for.

Barbara said...

Ilove that Iberra chocolate. Your posts on Hawaii make me think it is time I visited again soon. Lat time I was there I was pregnant with my first born and he's now 26.

K and S said...

You might be very surprised at how much Hawaii has changed. I would recommend visiting the other islands (other than Oahu) for more of a tropical feel.

Take care.