Thursday, April 10, 2008

akisu : update

As I wrote in a previous post here, they caught the guys that broke into our apartment. 4 Chinese on student visas.

The police came yesterday to show us the things that were found in their possession, just in case some of the items were ours. (We had planned to go down to check it out, but the police came to us because they didn't want us to make the trip all the way to Kobe, just in case nothing was found.) Unfortunately, none of the possessions were ours.

They showed us their mug shots and told us about how these people went about their business. Apparently, they would meet at an internet cafe then plan what they would do and who would do what.

Someone once told me that Chinese students come over on student visas then try to get jobs instead of going to school. Since they cannot find jobs with student visas, they turn to crime.

Hopefully the police will be able to catch others involved in such crimes and I hope that all of the possessions that they showed us will be able to be returned to their rightful owners.

I asked them if they advertise that they found items, but the police said that they don't. Only if someone puts in a report would they contact the person to see if what they've recovered was theirs.

Apparently from last July until this January (when they were caught), these guys did over 100 jobs! Anyway, they are behind bars, and hopefully they will be sent back to their country.

Our apartment complex got a "make-over" while I was away. Before the burglary, we had these "walls". The police mentioned that with these, it made it hard for them to see things when they patrolled.

So, while I was in Hawaii, the management guy took them all down. Kind of feels "wide open" and "public", but hopefully it will deter others from trying to make other lives miserable.

Hope your week is going well.


rowena said...

Well I'm glad they caught the scum! Imagine that, getting the opportunity to attend school in another country, only to take advantage of the "privilege" in a less than grateful way. Geez...

K & S said...

For now they are in jail, Rowena, hopefully these guys will be sent back to their country and banned for life from this one!

Take care.

beadexplorer said...

I really hope the "make-over" will help!!! It is so horrible to imagine burglaries in your home!

rowena said...

Hi again..about the comment on the what a flashback! (and thanks for the comps on the banner) I used to live the next town over from where they baked those stone cookies. I wonder if they're still in business?

KirkK said...

Hi Kat - I'm glad they caught the's too bad they didn't recover any of your possesions. I hope that you'll feel a bit more secure.

K & S said...

I hope so too, Beadexplorer!

I think the stone cookie guys are still in business, Rowena :)

Thank you Kirkk, I'm working on feeling safe again. :)

Take care everyone!

Jann said...

I am happy to hear they caught those guys-what people will resort to.........there is no limit! Sorry to hear they were not able to recover items from your apartment.

K & S said...


I didn't think they would recover any of my things, but I was hoping they would have returned one of Satoshi's watches. It had sentimental value for him.

Take care.