Wednesday, April 16, 2008


On Wednesday, Satoshi had the day off. I have to re-new my visa soon, so we called the Immigrations office.

We were surprised to find out that we need to gather lots of paperwork before we go down to the office. (It has been 3 years since my last re-newal, the office said that we always needed this amount of paperwork, so we just probably forgot how much was needed. Also, within the 3 years the office has since moved to a more inconvenient area...sigh.)

So, after a breakfast of omlette with pizza sauce, cranberry-lavender bread with cream cheese, an orange and coffee, we headed back to the city office to pick-up the necessary paperwork. (Had I known I needed this paperwork, I could have picked it up the day before...double sigh)

For lunch, we wanted to eat soba, but as we neared the soba shop near the city office, we found that it was closed on Wednesdays, so we headed towards an Italian restaurant, but that was also closed.

Since both of our options for lunch were closed, we decided to wait awhile longer for lunch and get the paperwork needed.

After getting the paperwork, we decided to try a relatively new cafe called Wakan. This cafe is located right across the city office.

The lunch of the day was fried salmon with miso soup, a salad, some simmered veggies and rice. (800 yen, about US$8)

We also added dessert and coffee--cake topped with pannacotta in a cute little bottle. (200 yen, about US$2)

After lunch, we then headed to Umeda to pick-up more electronics (printer, USB flash drive, return the printer ink for the now un-useable printer) and had dinner at Capricciosa, a franchise Italian restaurant. (We used to have this restaurant in Hawaii, I wonder if it is still there?) Anyway, whenever we eat at Italian restaurants, if we can order things a la carte, we usually share a salad, some kind of pasta and a pizza.

It was a busy Wednesday, but a delicious one as well.

Wakan (UPDATE:as of 2012, this shop is now closed)
3-1-9 Nishikoji, Ooki Building 1F
Minoo, Osaka
Phone: 072.725.7127
Open: 9:00-20:00


jasmine said...

Sorry to read about the mountains of visa-related paperwork. Hopefully everything will go least you ate well!


K & S said...

Thanks Jasmine, I hope everything will go well too :)

Take care.

rowena said...

I recently had to renew my resident permit for Italy - a lot of paperwork, but now I'm good for five years! The next thing up is my american passport. I wonder how long it takes to renew in the states? I'm thinking better to spend extended time in the islands and get it done there. The idea of dealing with any kind of paperwork here makes ME sigh! ;-)

K & S said...

Hey Rowena,
My passport is up this year also :(
Hoping that it won't be too complicated re-newing it in Japan. I heard some scary stories about getting one from the States because they now need them for Mexico and Canada--talking months! Though if you had to spend months in the Islands, I don't think you would complain ;)

Take care.

KirkK said...

Hey Kat - Argh paperwork! sounds like you got through it with your normal grace.....hope your renewing your passport is much easier.

Jenny said...

Hey Kat!

At first glance, I thought that cafe was Panya! They seem to have the same design...:) Sorry to hear about all that paperwork for a visa, must be quite irksome.

K & S said...

Thanks Jenny and, that you mention it, it does look like Panya!

Take care you two.

bourgogne said...

every 3 years for you? ouch. i guess i shouldn't have complained too much about the french redtape while getting my "carte de sejour". it WAS a pain though! BUT. my permit lasts for 10 years. i won't have to deal with the redtape for another 5 years. merci france!

K & S said...

I think I can apply for a "green card", Bourgogne, which would eliminate my having to apply for a visa, but I would still need to apply for a re-entry permit and that is every 3 years. You are lucky that they have a 10 year :)

Take care.