Saturday, April 26, 2008

simple salad

I tried this really simple salad recipe (in the photo it is the salad on the right) from Made Healthier. For the dressing I used my favorite, lemon oregano vinaigrette. Since the only honey I had open was a blueberry one, I used it in the vinaigrette. The dressing came out really nice.

I wanted to show you the packaging for the lemon. It shows the picture of the farmers that grew it. Nice way for you to appreciate your food and the people who grew it.

I also made the gobo salad with fresh gobo. I used this gadget by OXO to julienne the gobo and carrots.

On my way back from the market, I happened to be looking up at the trees and noticed this fuji(wisteria) hanging down from it. It was about 3 feet from where I was standing, so I had to zoom up on it.

For breakfast today, I mixed the rest of the salad into an omlette, topped it with some pre-made pasta sauce and had some baguette with herb garlic cream cheese.


OkiHwn said...

Eh Kat - Went shopping at the commissary this morning. We got whatever butter anybody needs, salted or unsalted. You know those boxes of 4 blocks you get at home? Cost $2 here.

And rice - been reading about rice shortages back home, some places even limiting the amount you can buy. But again here it's a different story. Lots of it! Bought a 20 pound bag of the Nishiki brand from the U.S for $11.50. And the Hinode is even cheaper! Mean difference in price from the Japanese rice here - ¥1800~¥2000 for 2 kg bags.

Too bad I cannot send you butter!

K & S said...

too bad you cannot send me butter, is right :( some stores do not even have butter!

I usually buy rice for 840 yen or 980 yen for 2 kg bags, Nate :)

enjoy the stock you have :)

Lori said...

That's a nice little combo of salads you had there. And the lemon oregano vinaigrette sounds ono!

K & S said...

Thanks Lori and thanks for the recipe :) I can't wait until summer to try this with fresh corn!

Take care.

ilingc said...

Love the sound of the salads.

I have a julienne peeler too. It's not Oxo though, just a cheap one from Thailand :)

Re: the lemons, I think that's rather cute. It's like an 'organic' stamp on the product. Or something like that :)

K & S said...

I had another one made in Japan but it didn't julienne very nicely :(
Take care.

beadexplorer said...

oh the wisterias are again blooming? I will have to take a look at "mine" in the park!

K & S said...

I hope the wisteria are blooming where you are Beadexplorer :)

Take care.