Wednesday, April 09, 2008


My host sister, Tomoko had sent me these goodies by Hefti, a Swiss confectioner, the day after I came back from Hawaii.

A box of assorted truffles and pralines with chocolate, hazelnut or almond ganaches coated with milk, dark or white chocolate.

And a box of macarons.
Chocolat Sel (dark brown with nibs)-62% ganache with fleur de sel
Chocolat Fig (poppy seeds)-Fig and Kirsch ganache
Chocolat Passion (coconut)-White chocolate & passion fruit ganache
Gianduja (light brown with nibs)-Almond & Caramel ganache
Chocolat Framboise (pistachio)-bitter chocolate & raspberry

I really liked the Sel & Fig macarons. (Thanks Tomoko!)


rowena said...

You make me want to get me my own host sister. :-) I wonder if they ship to Italy?

ilingc said...

Hi Kat,
What a wonderful host sister you have! The chocolate sel macaron sounds divine.

By the way, I wanted to tell you that I finally manage to get down to Melt near Notting Hill gate/Portabello Market about a month ago. It took us a bit of an effort to find it but it was so worth it!

I think I spent about 30gbp on chocolates that day! Their chocolates were irresistible. Thank you for letting me in on the the little secret!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a nice host sister!


K & S said...

I'm sure they do ship to Italy, Rowena ;)

I'm glad you liked the shop, Ilingc. I do want to try it when I get to London :)

Thanks Paz, she is :)

Take care everyone.