Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I was tagged for a meme by Su-Lin of Tamarind and Thyme.

This meme was a bit different from the ones I've participated in.

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

I didn't have a book nearby the computer (actually I did, but I don't think I could quote from a map or dictionary), so I went to my bag and took out the book that I'm reading, "With Bold Knife and Fork" by M.F.K. Fisher. I haven't gotten to page 123, but here are three sentence from page 45, where I am reading now.

For simple living, when one is alone or with children or other people who must sleep sweetly and then rise to face school or jobs, the supper of our European forbears is a good one, and when one feels jaded from too many pressures it seems even more beneficient: all one wants to eat of a plain soup, some bread or toast, perhaps, then a compote of cooked fruits or a little custard if indicated from habit or hunger, and then bed-unless there is in the family somewhere an Austrian or a Frenchman who will enjoy, and gently initiate the others to enjoy, a fuming cup of the mild infusion of various dried herbs and leaves and berries called a tisane. This is a delicate belly-wash indeed, good for quiet talk with friends before a slowing fire, or alone between the sheets. There are several kinds of soup I consider excellent for such gentle suppers.

I won't tag anyone, but if you would like to participate in this meme, consider yourself tagged!

Thanks Su-Lin!


Dhanggit said...

this is such a cute meme!!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

How fun! :)

Su-Lin said...

That's a wonderful excerpt - like gentle advice from a kind grandmother!

K & S said...

Thanks Dhanggit!

It was fun, Jenndz!

Thanks for the tag, Su-Lin!

Take care everyone.

Barbara said...

That is the first MFK Fisher book I read. I love her writing.

K & S said...

I am enjoying her book too, Barbara! :)

Take care.