Saturday, May 24, 2008


I forgot to include a portion of what we did last sunday.

When we went riding with the Yanagitas, they also took us to Sasayama.

Sasayama is part of the Hyogo prefecture and has the remnants of a castle in their tiny town.

There are a couple of areas of the town that have been preserved from the Edo period (1600's). Sasayama is known for many foods especially kuromame (black beans), they grow like soy beans but the beans inside are bigger.

If you were to buy Tamba (is the area where Sasayama is) kuromame you will surely pay a pretty penny or two, but their kuromame is worth it.

One thing that we were amazed with was that parking was free (up to 45 minutes) and after that just 200 yen (about US$2) for the rest of the day! You would never see something like that in downtown Osaka, where they charge 200 yen for every half hour!

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


K.C. said...

So glad you are sharing your travels. It is good to be able to look around with you. Enjoyed reading your blog. Looks like you are having such a good time. Completely jealous! KC

K & S said...

Glad you are enjoying this as much as I am blogging, K.C.

Take care.