Sunday, May 25, 2008

paul macarons

On Thursday, I was wandering the food basement after beads class and came upon these macarons by Paul (a franchise by the Holder Group).

I was mad at the guy who packaged them--he just flung them into a bag and gave them to me. (obviously, he wasn't aware at how fragile these sweets are...)

I feared he smashed some. I was right.

Still, these macarons were different from any I've tasted. These had light, buttercream fillings, not the heavy ganache or gels that I'm used to.

So what kinds of flavors were they? The dark brown was chocolate (there were 2 of them), yellow was lemon, green was pistachio, light brown was coffee & beige was vanilla. Though these weren't unique flavors, it was different because of the buttercream.



Su-Lin said...

If they are Paul, with that label, I don't think they have anything to do with Paul Bocuse...

Lori said...

Mmmm, those look so good! Typically I'd lean towards the chocolate and pistachio. Which did you like?

Mberenis said...

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pooky said...

just found your wonderful bog.
give me food 's inspriration .

im from Thailand.
stay in tokyo as a japanese language student.

nice to meet you


K & S said...

You are right Su-Lin, I guess I must have read something that said Paul Bocuse, but the owners are named Holder. There are shops in the UK too :) Thanks for the info.

I liked the chocolate and lemon, Lori :)

Hi Pooky, glad you stopped by, I hope you enjoy your adventures while you are in Japan :)

Take care everyone!

jasmine said...

These look so good. Too bad the packer had little idea/consideration to their natures...


bourgogne said...

pretty photos! and now i want some macarons. luckily they are relatively easy to find here :D

Jenny said...

These are my dream desserts to make! They look so beautiful and taste great! I tried it at the honolulu coffee company and compared the chocolate flavor to a condensed brownie...well...I like brownies. Haha...:) Beautiful pics! Sorry to hear about the packaging, he should know better!

K & S said...

At least they weren't totally smashed, Jasmine :)

You are so lucky to live in macaronland, Bourgogne :)

Yes, most chocolate macarons do taste similar to brownies, Jenny :)

Take care everyone!