Thursday, July 10, 2008

the amazing way the (male) mind works

I'm always amazed at the way the male Satoshi's mind works...

This was our conversation a few weeks ago.

him: (in a shop) why are we here?

me: I'm looking for a scoop.

him: why?

me: for ice cream.

him: let's get this one.

me: it's too big.

him: but it is perfect for macaroni salad. (squeezing the handle of the scoop several times onto his imaginary plate lunch...)

you gotta wonder which one of us is from Hawaii....

I found the smaller scoop that I initially wanted by the way, it was WAY more expensive than the big scoop.

Oh and the Japanese don't call these scoops, they call them "disher", I guess because they "dish" out ice cream/mac salad?

When you see a gadget, does a certain food or use pop into your head?


tamakikat said...

Good morning Kat,

hope you had a nice sleep over there. Here it was so cool I actually used my summer duvet:)

I sometimes think guys were put on earth just to make us women laugh.

BTW we used a small 'disher' to make melon balls for fruit salads. What do you use yours for?

All the best for the day.


K & S said...

Don't guys make life fun??
It was so hot here, Tamakikat that we had to sleep with the fan on. The little disher I bought will be used for ice creams. The big one will be for mac salad :)

Take care.

islandgirl said...

i use my scooper for making cookies =)

Lori said...

That's funny that mac salad popped into Satoshi's mind. I think I would've thought rice scoop (also for plate lunch). Did you guys end up buying both?

KirkK said...

LOL! That sounds like something I'd say.....

K & S said...

My mom uses her scoops for cookies too, Islandgirl :)

Yes, we ended up getting both Lori :)

oh no! Kirkk :)

Take care everyone.

Rowena said...

Heehee, this post was so funny. Sounds like a conversation between my husband and myself on some occasions. For me, it's usually when I think of/see a certain dish is when I want a gadget. The gadget of course, being something that I just gotta have in order to make the dish!

K & S said...

My gadget drawer is slowing becoming full, Rowena :)

Take care.

Debinhawaii said...

From what I know it's called a disher in food service--when it is metal and has that half circle shape for more accurate portioning. At Jamba they use the disher for the dairy (ice cream, yogurt, etc.) and call the plastic measurer without the spring mechanism and used for the fruit a scoop. But I am with you--I still call the disher an ice cream scoop!

I also admit to a unnatural attachment to my single use gadgets like my Vacu-Vin pineapple corer/slicer and my mango slicer--they take up space in the utensil drawer but I NEED them!

K & S said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Deb! I wouldn't have known that they are actually called dishers :)

Single use gadgets are about as addicting as cookbooks :)

Take care.

Bea said...

ahahah, very funny Kat. Loved the read this conversation!

K & S said...

I'm glad I made you smile, Bea!

Take care.

Dhanggit said...

i agree with you...i dont understand how guys' minds work.;hehehe why do they often need to ask why do we need to shop? why do we need to buy that etc.hehehe i need to buy an ice-cream scoop too :-)

K & S said...

Thanks Dhanggit :) Hope you get your ice cream scoop soon!

Take care.

Leesa said...

Hi K&S,
I made my way over to you from Paris Breakfasts and wanted to tell you that I bought this VERY scooper- the smaller one, that is... at a fancy kitchen store in San Diego, Calif. for $10... I thought THAT was expensive... Take care, Leesa

Leesa said...

Oh... Deja view... I am a different Island Girl.... but I use mine for making cookies, too!!! : )

K & S said...

Thanks for stopping by Leesa! The big one was 890 yen (about US$8.90) and the small one was 1995 yen (about US$19)!

Take care.

Kat said...

Hi Kat! When it comes to icecream scoops, I will always think ICECREAM!!! But you're right, I think my husband too would think mac salad ;) He loves his mac salad here in Oahu. It's amazing how picky he can be too about mac salad. Can't have too much mayo but can't be too dry, bonus points if they have potato bits in there too and it's "fancy" when it has shredded carrots ;).

Personally I'll usually go with 'tossed' since it's healthier but cannot beat the mac salad here in Hawaii!!!

ilingc said...

Hehe, what Satoshi said is pretty funny. I don't recall associating any gadgets with food, but Alv does do that too sometimes. I've never understood why the metal ice cream scoopers are so expensive! I have one at back in Melbourne, but just couldn't justify paying the price for it here. :(

K & S said...

I usually go tossed too, Kat, but nothing can beat mom's mac salad :)

I don't know why the scoops are so expensive either, Ilingc, so weird!

Take care you two.

Bruce said...

So what mac salad recipe do you use to go along with your new scooper(s)?

K and S said...

I don't really have a recipe for the mac salad, Bruce, I put cucumber, carrots, pepper, a little grated onion and some sweet pickle juice, macaroni and mayo (Best Foods).

Take care.