Sunday, July 27, 2008

boulangerie takeuchi

I had been wanting to check out this bakery for some time now. Couple of years to be exact. It is not in an area which I normally go to.

But, the first time, I couldn't find it.

The second time, they were closed.

The third time...well, the third time I got lucky. It just so happened that my Friday appointment got cancelled at the last minute, so I had some time on my hands.

This tiny bakery was packed with people, filling up their trays with breads, all sorts of breads! I was kind of shocked at how much people were buying. Like there was a shortage or something.

But, when you take a look at the selection, you'll realize why....they all look so good! You want to buy them all!

I couldn't decide and I couldn't decipher the French words written in katakana, and I didn't want to cause a back-up with the flow of people behind me.

So, I got a smoked salmon sandwich on a soft baguette (this had dill cream cheese and some dill pickles in it). A mini pastrami sandwich on ciabatta with a dill pickle in it.

Spicy chorizo baked into a chewy tomato kind of "pig in a blanket"!

A blueberry danish...flaky puff pastry filled with custard and topped with fresh blueberries...delicious.

And cinnamon pecan bagels...different from the blueberry and plain that are always about. The bagels were chewy with lots of pecans throughout, I loved the sugar topping too. With cream cheese it was a great breakfast on Saturday.

I think the next time I want to try their cafe--which I found out about as I was leaving.

Boulangerie Takeuchi
1-16-14 Utsubohonmachi
Chuo-ku, Osaka
Phone: 06.6444.2118
Open 8:00-18:30
Closed on Sundays and Mondays (if Monday is a holiday then they are open)
UPDATE: as of Feb 2013, they are moving to another location


Tamakikat said...

Mmm. Looks good.

K and S said...

I enjoyed them, Tamakikat :)

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

It all looks so delicious especially the chorizo in the tomato baguette and the cinnamon-pecan bagel! Good choices!

K and S said...

Thanks Deb! Pecans are quite rare in Japan, so to eat them in something was a treat!

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great selection of goodies! The salmon, blueberry and chorizo ones are calling my name! :)

K and S said...

"Lori, Lori"'re right they are :)

Take care.

Phil said...

Nice one! I was here recently! I want to go back! Just stumbled across your blog, I was at Enoteca and Hagakure recently as well. Nice work guys!

K and S said...

Thanks Phil! I hope you get a chance to go back :)

Take care.