Thursday, July 03, 2008


I'm still hooked on matcha. A couple of weeks ago when Satoshi had the day off we went to Kyoto to take his mom to a department store in Shijo.

She said she wanted to buy some tea from Fukujuen. I think they have been in business since 1790. Their main shop is in Uji, the largest producers of green tea in Kyoto. They had this machine spinning and grinding green tea into matcha (powdered green tea).

I asked the guy working there if I could take a photo of the machine. He said, "if you ask me, I have to tell you "no"." So, I smiled at him and just snapped the photos.

The other week for dessert I had a big matcha monaka (a wafer filled with matcha ice cream and sweet bean paste) made by Gion Tsujiri--this store is in Gion and has been in business since 1890, but I bought this monaka at 7-eleven. The outside of the monaka is exactly like an ice cream cone (the cones that get soggy).

Satoshi was surprised at this one because it was expensive...315 yen (about US$3.15). Actually half of this would have been just right.

The very middle had the sweet bean paste.

Doesn't this matcha cream puff look like it is sticking its tongue out at you? This was a delicious snack from 7-eleven.

This melon pan from a local bakery was matcha too, but only on the outside.

The inside was just the normal milky bread.

Love the sugar coating on the outside.

Manneken makes a matcha waffle. It also has adzuki beans here and there inside. This was good but a bit sticky on the fingers.

Satoshi and I had lunch at the North Cafe in Umeda. The interior was very modern. We split a matcha roll.

The cake wasn't very sweet which was good.

We recently got these from the 100 day service. Shincha senbei from Kanshundo.

Shincha literally means new tea. These senbei (wafers) use the fresh tea of the season. Inside a package there are 3 wafers, (shincha) 1 with a green tea leaf, (tencha) 1 with sprinkled tea (tencha is the cutting of the leaf into thin pieces and is the step before the leaf is ground into matcha) and a wafer made from matcha.

Each wafer has the store's mon (family crest) imprinted on it.

Hope you aren't getting tired of all these matcha posts.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kat! I wanted to thank you for listing Hapa | Hale on your list of favorite sites! I started reading it regularly (along with your blog) and I love it! I also got featured on it a couple weeks ago :) I sell my cards here locally (Hawaii) and she did a post on me! If you have time please check out my website: I also have a link to my blog there. Just wanted to thank you because I would never have found Hapa | Hale if it weren't for you and got the great exposure :)!!!

Also I adore your blog and love living vicariously through your food posts! I've only been to Japan once, my honeymoon last year, and I miss it and the food there!!!

Anonymous said...

You're so lucky you have so many green tea confections to choose from! What a funny coincidence, too. I was just at Marukai Ward today and saw your matcha monaka ice cream. I was seriously thinking about buying it, but didn't see the price and was already loaded down with my other purchases so I didn't and now regret it. I hope they have it when I go back next week.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Loving the matcha posts--it all looks so good! I have been trying to both drink and cook with it more. I just sampled a bunch more tea at class tonight and can't sleep!

K and S said...

Thanks Kat, I have your blog listed on my craft blog and will put your etsy shop there as well! Good luck with your cards, they are fabulous!

Thanks Anon, I hope Marukai will have the ice cream when you go next week :)

I notice if I drink green tea too late in the day I have a hard time sleeping also, Deb, maybe there is a lot of caffeine in it? Loving your tea class posts :)

Take care everyone!

Tamakikat said...

Macha flavored things are good especially macha flavored warabi mochi in summer. Please keep eating and blogging about it:)

K and S said...

ooh, matcha warabimochi sounds good, Tamakikat, will have to look for some :)

Take care.

Rowena said...

Tired? No way! I would have loved to see them grinding green tea into matcha. More please!

K and S said...

will do, Rowena :)

Take care.

Thistlemoon said...

I certainly have not had enough Matcha in my life. I keep looking for some, but haven't come across any yet...

Anonymous said...

Very Very visually appealing…great presentation

K and S said...

Oh no, Jenndz, I hope you will be able to get more matcha soon!

Thank you Sorina :)

Take care you two.

Peko Peko (KyotoFoodie) said...

Hi Kat, I am really into maccha too! I went to Fukujuen the other day and talked to them too. I don't know what their deal is about taking photos. They are kind of dumb I think. But, great tea!


K and S said...

Hey Peko,
I guess if it is in a department store they have their rules, which is why you have to go around with the tiny point & shoot ;)

Take care.