Wednesday, September 08, 2010

odds & ends

Random stuff...a REALLY skinny truck. I think this one was a Hawaiian Electric truck.

A rose that bloomed in our garden on a rainy morning. This plant is quite old, so I was surprised that it is still flowering.

I think this is the last crossing sign to actually say "don't walk" and "walk" in Hawaii....(near Kahala Mall)

A nice VW van.

A cute VW bug. (Saw both VWs on the same morning. Afterwards, heard there was a VW show at the beach, I wonder if that is where both were going...)

Theo 70% chocolate and Equal Exchange 71% chocolate, can't wait to try these.

A hibiscus that bloomed in our yard. My dad said it was because I gave it "love" (a.k.a. water).

An andagi (okinawan donut) from Ige's. Had quite a bit of these this trip.

An orchid that also started blooming because I gave it "love" (water).

Can you believe that 2 months have gone? fast!

LOTS of eating, lots of catching-up with friends and family, and most important, spent lots of time with my parents & grandma.

Not looking forward to the extra degrees of heat plus added humidity...Satoshi asked if I wanted to stay a little longer until Japan "cooled down", I told him not to tempt me. Hope you weren't bored by my "vacation", I surely wasn't.

See you on the other side!


Jude said...

OK, that hibiscus is amazing!

Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

You know, Theo Chocolate is made literally right down the road from us here in Seattle and I have yet to try it. It always seems pretty expensive but maybe I'll indulge for a treat sometime. I think they might do tours, too, which I'll definitely have to embark on.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Stay! ;-) I really enjoyed your visit--I always learn about new (at least to me) places through you and I count myself lucky I got to see you twice. ;-) How heavy is that bag going back--or did you send anything home with Satoshi?

Jenster said...

Abigail, you must go to Theo Chocolate! Even if you don't take take their tour, their retail store offers a ton of samples, so you know exactly what you're purchasing.

Also, if you head down a few blocks to the PCC store, you can find some of those same bars priced a little less. However, I usually purchase mine at the Theo store because their employees are so helpful and informative. Their products have spoiled me for any other chocolate.

Kat, I'm loving all your photos. How long is your Hawaii visit?

Rowena said...

Awww Kat! Stay, stay, stay!! It didn't even feel like 2 months had passed. Satoshi is too kind for even suggesting the idea. MotH woulda just told me to come home already because the dogs would be driving him nuts.

OkiHwn said...

Got back OK? You must be beat!

Suze said...

Hope you have a good trip back.

K and S said...

Thanks Jude :)

You are so lucky Abigail, I hope you get a chance to check them out!

Thanks Debinhawaii, I had fun too...Satoshi take back a box of stuff (food), and then I took back two bags myself :)

My stay Jenster is actually over, started in July until now :)

Satoshi is too nice Rowena :)

Major leg cramps Nate, must've been sitting too long.

Thanks Suze!

Take care everyone!

daily mix LA said...

love your photos!

K and S said...

Thanks Daily Mix :) and thanks for stopping by!

Take care.

Barbara said...

Beautiful flowers Kat. I've not heard of the Andagi, Looks yummy.

K and S said...

Barbara, andagi is like cake donuts, really popular in Okinawa.

Take care.