Tuesday, September 14, 2010

'tis the season

As Rowena said in her comment, "Sounds like beer season is still trying to hang on".

Well, it is still indeed beer season and I recently picked up some brews from Minoh Brewery.

Their pale ale...very fruity and easy to drink.

Their weizen is cloudy, starts off fruity and has a slight bitter after taste.

Their pilsner is nice too. All three are perfect for this heat.

While walking around Umeda, I found honey wheat pretzels at Seijo Ishii (in really small bags)....When I got home, I melted some butter, added a sprinkling of dill, garlic powder and some powdered ranch dressing and baked it for 10 minutes.

Not the same as my mom's seasoned pretzels, but close.

I also found some fresh figs at the market, so I got some bleu cheese, drizzled some honey, nuked it for 20 seconds and then sprinkled some chopped walnuts.

The weather is still humid and hot but I think I'm doing a good job at keeping my tummy happy.


Jude said...

Heehee, love the comment from Rowena! Sounds like you're doing a fantastic job for your deserving tummy :)

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Love the fig idea-

and the labels on the beers are so cool.

Thanks for sharing and nice to 'meet' you!

Rowena said...

cin cin!

K and S said...

Thanks Jude, just trying to take my mind off of the heat ;)

Nice to meet you too Ren!

Rowena, Kanpai!

Take care everyone.

Dennis K. said...

Mmmm, beer and honey wheat pretzels....

K and S said...

very delicious combo Dennis :)

Take care.

Fickle Cattle said...

Beers, honey wheat pretzels and figs-- sounds like a perfect day.

Fickle Cattle

Barbara said...

Beer and figs both favs of mine. Pretzels aren't that popular down here. Sounds like you had a nice day Kat.

sam said...

real thing real test..thanks to share it i like it..

K and S said...

Thanks Fickle Cattle :)

Thanks Barbara :)

Glad you liked it Sam :)

Take care everyone!

jalna said...

I've never had fresh figs before. Your recipe sounds ono!

K and S said...

If you get a chance to try fresh figs Jalna, I hope you like this :)

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Beer and pretzels--perfect. I need to get some figs--I never really grabbed any this year. ;-)

K and S said...

Hope you get some figs Debinhawaii :)

Take care.