Thursday, September 09, 2010


Man, I knew it was hot here, but c'mon, it is already September...

I guess the typhoon that is supposedly coming this way (or maybe it already passed?) is partly to blame.

Humidity is know it is hot when you turn on the cold water and only get warm water...

Trip home was long...main meal was so-so, I was surprised we had a choice, on my flight from JPN to HNL there was no choice.

Ted's Bakery does the dessert (would've loved chocolate haupia pie...their chocolate cake with passion fruit least the cake was moist, frosting was meh!)

And they actually served us baked manapua (char siu bao) for our snack WITH ice cream! NOTE to JAL: warmed baked manapua would be much more appreciated than ice rock cold one.

Actually didn't sleep much on the flight and watched "Sex and the City 2", "The A-Team" and a Japanese film, "Railways"...all very entertaining.

Baggage took awhile to come out, and I "squeezed" my way out of customs...the guy started asking me in Japanese if I spoke Japanese, so I stuck out my fingers and motioned "a little", he then proceeded in broken English, "do you live here?", I replied then let me pass.

I think if I spoke to him in Japanese he would've asked me to open my bag, so I'm glad I didn't say much.

With the heat as bad as it is, we slept for most of the night with the a/c AND fan on...until the timers turned everything off and we had to wake up to turn them back on.

All the stuff I brought back was okay, well, except for 1 can of Vienna sausage, it was a little dented, no biggie.

Other than that, it is nice to be back. Did I mention that humidity was evil?


Jude said...

So glad you made it back ok! I love the funny airline food descriptions :) And awesome for you for the Vienna sausage!!

OkiHwn said...

Good you had an all right trip. Gee, you took back Vienna sausage?

KirkK said...

Hey Kat - So what else did you bring back.... other than Vienna Sausage?

Tamakikat said...


you have to stick to the plan, well my plan.

Wake early, do what needs to be done, siesta, do what you do, then stay up till around midnight, sleep.

Do this and you should be a happy camper.


P.S. Went sake-tasting tonight so plan to sleep well:)

K and S said...

Thanks Jude :)

I only wanted 2 cans Nate, my grandma gave me 9!

Kirk, pork & beans, Spam, pecans, Israeli couscous, quinoa as well as different coffees and soaps :)

Thanks but that is my everyday plan TK...glad you went sake tasting!

Take care everyone!

gtrne said...

Glad to hear you made it home safe. Even if we never met in person, I feel a little sad to hear you are back at home. I also wanted to thank you again for the advice on Oahu. Our vacation starts on Sunday and I cannot wait!

Stay cool and hydrated!

Kristin said...

Okairinasai, Kat! Its actually a lot cooler than it has been since the typhoon- before it was 35 and sunny, now it's 30ish with gray muck, at least in Tokyo.

I am glad to know I'm not the only one that pulls that trick at customs! I am haafu so they always ask me if I can speak Japanese, I say not really (although I really can) and they let me by with that simple question too. If I'm with my husband who is English I make him go first and we don't usually get any questions. At the end of September we are moving back to California after 3 years here and I think customs will have quite a few questions for us, farewell gaijin card. I have truly enjoyed following your ex-pat adventures and I'll continue to follow them to get that natsukashii feeling :D

Rowena said...

All of a sudden I feel very, very fortunate to be waking up to 14°C temps. I can't take humidity PLUS heat!

Too funny about the customs! I just tell'em in italian that my husband is italian and they let me go.

K and S said...

Am bummed we didn't get a chance to meet up Gtrine, I hope you enjoy your vacation!

Have a safe trip back to the States Kristin!

Man, I wish we were near the teens in C temps Rowena ;) was loving the 70's F temps in Hawaii.

Take care everyone!