Friday, September 10, 2010

things I'm liking

Some things I'm liking...

Pretzel M&M's...crunchy pretzels inside of the sweet M&M shells...glad I bought another bag of this...addicting!

Marufuku coffee's "instant" drip coffee. We actually got these before I left for Hawaii.

Many coffee companies in Japan have this style of coffee which people give as gifts throughout the year.

This type of coffee is great to have especially if you are travelling...just tear off the top of the filter, hook it onto your cup then pour hot water over...delicious morning coffee without it actually being the instant tasting type.

This lemon scone mix that my blog friend, Pocky sent me while I was in Hawaii. (Thank you!)

I added some dried blueberries, I should've done it before adding the water and mixing, but they still turned out great.

I think there are also some bits of candied ginger in there, but hadn't read the package before throwing it out, so it is either ginger or lemon bits in there.

Still delicious all the same.

Mango Tango Tea from the Tea Spot, another gift from Pocky.

Black tea, with passion fruit and good iced.

Burberry's Brit Sheer.

I saw this in Sephora, but bought it at DFS while I was waiting at the airport because I was looking for the perfume/body lotion combo package.

This fragrance is fruity & floral combining pineapple, lychee, mandarin orange, yuzu, white musk and resins.

Perfect for summer.

Bolder Breakfast Tea also by the Tea Spot and also from Pocky.

This is a black tea with some Puerh tea & hints of chocolate...smells and tastes delicious.

Had this iced but this would also be nice hot with a splash of milk.

Lastly, Back to Nature's Bar Harbor Blend. Roasted almonds coated with a vanilla glaze, dark chocolate covered almonds and cranberries.

Heard about these from my Mom & brother and found them at Whole Foods. This is good. I was looking at their site and the Pacific Heights Blend also sounds delicious (actually all their blends do!)

What are you liking?

It is Friday here, hope you have a nice weekend!


Jude said...

Oh my, I think I could go for everything listed here!

I'm a bit sad your Hawaii adventures have officially ended, but glad you got back safe & look forward to further Japan adventures :)

Thanks for sharing what you like!

Dennis K. said...

Always loved this series! I've heard of those pretzel m&m's but haven't tried them yet. Mmm.... salty and savory

Rowena said...

I like the fact that it's Friday, and also that the weather is supposed to be nice so galavanting we go!

Kat that coffee filter thing is the neatest idea, with the thingy that hooks onto the edge. I hope this catches on in the states!

K and S said...

Thanks Jude :)

Aw thanks Dennis, if you get a chance to try them I'd love to hear what you think :)

I hope so too Rowena, can't wait to hear about your galavanting!

Take care everyone.

May Ling Wu said...

Such lovely things. Have to try those MandM's getting a lot of buzz.

The Cilantropist said...

oh man, where can I get some of that 'instant' drip coffee??!! That looks amazing!!!

Deb in Hawaii said... all looks good! ;-) I have been wanting to try those M&Ms.

Anonymous said...

I've brought coconut M&M's from NYC :D it's been funny to see yours!

Kim said...

Hi Kat!! I'm so glad you liked the teas. :)'ve been sucked into those pretzel m&m's too. I bought a one pound bag the other day. I kept it in my desk drawer at work. That was a bad move...

K and S said...

Hope you like them May Ling Wu!

Almost anywhere in Japan Cilantropist! :)

Hope you get a chance to try them Debinhawaii :)

Saw the coconut ones and debated whether to get them or the almond joy pieces Partimecook, in the end didn't get either, how were the coconut m&m's?

ha ha sucked in indeed Pocky, I'm glad I didn't buy a bigger bag, though it was sooo tempting as Target was having a sale on them.

Take care everyone!

Anonymous said...

They were really nice, in fact! I didn't know what to expect from them :)

K and S said...

thanks! will try them the next time I'm home Partimecook :)

Take care.

Barbara said...

THe coffee drip is a great idea for travelling.

K and S said...

I should remember to bring some the next time we go travelling Barbara :)

Take care.