Tuesday, January 25, 2011

foodie kind of weekend

mosaicikeda Saturday, the sun was out but the temperatures were way down.

Since Satoshi had to work, I went for a walk.

There was a Mini that I spotted from the train and wanted to check out in person.

You should know that riding the train in our area gives pretty much a bird's eye view of things. Most of the time you get views that you would not see while walking.

This Mini was the first left-sided steering that I've seen here. It also had a nice gas flap.

On the way home, I stopped by Suigetsu Park and caught this group of grandpas chatting and having fun.

I then stopped into Family Mart and came across Muji's Banana Baum Kuchen drizzled with dark chocolate. after seeing Manju's post, this was the perfect snack.

mosaicsone Sunday, Satoshi had the day off and we decided to visit several temples for hatsumode (first prayers of the year).

In Sone, we stopped at Hagi-no-dera, which is known for their god of promotions & success.

Then we walked to Hattori, about 15 minutes.

On the way to Hattori, I told Satoshi that I wanted to stop to photograph another Mini that I always see from the train in a parking lot.

Unfortunately, the parking lot is manned, so I couldn't actually go into the lot to get pictures.

Instead, I stood outside the lot and took photos from under the fence.

I think these were the first photos I got of a MINI that were up close.

mosaicfoodie At Hattori Tenmangu, we prayed to the foot gods and thanked them for keeping our feet in good shape.

Then we walked from Hattori to Shonai, about 25 minutes.

Satoshi was feeling hungry so we picked up a curry croquette (80 yen about US$.80) & a wagyu (Japanese beef) (70 yen about US$.70) croquette from Niku Fuji.

These were right out of the fryer, hot and delicious, not to mention reasonably priced.

After our snack, we walked around Shonai a little more.

There is a music university and Satoshi wanted to see it.

I was impressed because they even have an opera house.

mosaicboss Lunch was at a tiny shop called Boss. Their specialty is curry.

On a cold day like Sunday was, hot spicy curry really hit the spot.

Satoshi couldn't decide and finally ordered the fried shrimp with curry set (950 yen about US$9.50), this came with a salad, fried shrimp and curry with rice.

Whenever you eat curry in Japan, it seems that most do not have "stuff" in it, just sauce.

This curry had bits of beef but not a lot more, t is quite spicy and you can ask them for a milder version if you like.

I chose the gyusuji nikomi (simmered beef gristle/nerf) curry set (800 yen about US$8), this came with a salad, a huge serving of curry with gyusuji pieces and a tiny lassi (yogurt drink).

Satoshi wants to go back on a weekday to try some of the other items on their menu.

The weekend flew by but there was lots of walking and eating.

2-1-23 Shonai-higashimachi
Toyonaka, Osaka
Phone: 06.6332.9550
Open 11:30-21:30, Days off not set, call before going


OkiHwn said...

You have an obsession with Minis! I can see when and if yoou get a car it will be a Mini. I've given thought to getting one but have also been entertaing thought of a pickup.

KirkK said...

Curry would be the perfect thing on a cold and chilly day! More Mini photos for your collection Kat!

Rowena... said...

Foot gods! I wish we had something like that, especially with the way I buss'up my feets when we go hiking. That is just too cool!

Japan Australia said...

I love Japanese curry and used to eat quite a lot. I was a regular visitor to my local Coco Ichiban, who are a chain restaurant specializing in Japanese style curry rice dishes. You could mix and match your curry selection and even add little extras like cheese. It was great.

K and S said...

yup definitely want one Nate :)

more the merrier Kirk :)

they even sell amulets for your feet Rowena :)

we love coco ichiban too J-A, though we actually ate there more in Hawaii than in Japan :)

Take care everyone.

Patzie said...

i could eat croquette all day everyday. sweet tasty sin :)

K and S said...

I don't think I could eat it all day everyday Patzie, but do like it once in awhile :)

Take care.

manju said...

It's so nice you have so many places to walk -- and with such good food along the way, too! As much as I like being in an agricultural community now, I miss being able to walk out the door and find shops and eateries.

K and S said...

I wouldn't mind giving an agricultural community a try Manju, sounds like you can get great items!

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

That was a foodie weekend--lots of adventures. ;-) How do I get so behind on visiting your posts?!?

K and S said...

Thanks Deb in Hawaii :) I think it is because you are busy in real life :)

Take care.