Monday, January 03, 2011

new years day

The first day of the New Year started off with this.

And some ozoni. Many families have their own recipes for this.

My mom's broth is easy. She uses the juice from the giant clam, and then adds some shoyu and sugar.

Buffet breakfast at the House without a Key @ Halekulani.

Kalua Pork Hash patties, papaya, portuguese sausage and crispy bacon among the foods there.

Dinner was another feast featuring leftovers from the day before and some new additions like...sake, ice cold.

Steamed opakapaka (which I think is tai in Japanese, snapper in English), lots of grated ginger and green onions.

After the fish is steamed, a hot shoyu sauce is poured over the fish, served with cilantro.

Spanakopita, a greek spinach dish...this was bought.

Baked ham, which was given to my parents by their friends.

Pineapple Shrimp, my favorite.

Baked cheesecake...with a lemon flavor...we liked this but thought it needed a "fruit sauce" (or chocolate sauce).

My "vacation" is almost over, glad my stomach decided to let me eat some. Thanks for all the well wishes.


2kamuela47 said...

Happy New Year Kat! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Japan-Australia said...

Ozoni brings back a lot of memories of New Years in Japan with my Japanese family, so does eating noodles at midnight and visiting the local shrine.

Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

Akemashite omedetou!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip home! Did you have a chance to try any new places to eat after you recovered?

P.S. What is sticking out of the small glass/dish of yogurt/smoothie in the breakfast picture?

chelz said...

Oh, I love the Halekulani!! I stayed there last November and I also went to that buffet for breakfast! Haha, what a coincidence..I just remembered the yogurt-type thing they had after looking at your picture..It was really good.

K and S said...

thanks Laura, it was too short!

thanks JA, we didn't eat our noodles at midnight :P

same to you Abigail :)

no new places this round Anon, that thing is a granola bar :)

that is a coincidence Chelz :)

Take care everyone.

Glenys said...

Happy New Year! So yummy!

Rowena... said...'s all like a wonderful dream for me. You've been digging into some really ono-licious stuff but that steamed opakapaka...oh man! I haven't had that fish in AGES!

Patzie said...

cheesecake looked so yummy and yes, it probably need raspberry sauce (and I'm imagining how good it is!).

K said...

I love all of the variety you had in your meals! Have a safe trip back to Japan!

K and S said...

thanks Glenys!

I hadn't had this style of fish in ages either Rowena :)

mmm raspberry sauce (w/o seeds) sounds nice Patzie!

Thanks K!

Take care everyone.