Thursday, January 20, 2011


500whoo Just before the end of 2010, I noticed we were nearing 500 followers.

At that point, I told myself that if we did indeed reach 500 followers, I would do a giveaway, as a thank you.

Well, we've actually gone past 500 and are presently at 503, whoo!

I can remember when I first started this blog intending it for family and friends and getting hits from all over the world.

Blogging is truly amazing!

So, I'm planning to put a box together, I must admit, some of the items that I've already purchased are kinda "girly".

The value of the contents will be about 5000 yen (about US$50).

Anyway, to enter here are the rules:
1) in the comments section, write one thing you'd like to accomplish in 2011.
2) be subscribed to this blog's RSS feed
3) no ad or anonymous comments will be allowed
4) enter only once for this giveaway to be fair to others.
5) have a blog and post about what's in your care package, linking the post to this blog.
6) you can enter even if you've won in previous giveaways.

You have until Friday, January 21, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. (JPN time) to enter, the winner will be announced on Saturday, January 22, 2011.

Thank you for reading our blog and good luck!

Comments now closed thanks for entering!

UPDATE: to see what was in the box, click here.


lizlonsdale said...

My goal for 2011 is to have gained a working holiday visa in Japan, and be travelling and working my way around the country with my boyfriend Luke. It is something we have been thinking of doing for such a long time, and now it is finally something realistic for us. Wish us luck! x

Linny said...

Congrats on having over 500 followers! One this I'd like to accomplish in 2011 is to focus on rising above the little things.

K said...

Congrats on hitting 500!

This year, one of my resolutions (I have a lot, haha) is to cook more frequently from Cooking Light magazine and all the cookbooks I own :o)

Erika Lee Sears said...

FIngers crossed I hope I win!

Katherine said...

Congratulations on the big 500 :) I've been following your blog (mostly quietly) for thhe last few years, and it's always lovely to see the year pass in japan (and hawaii too!)

I don't have a blog (well, I have a very old one that I dont use anymore!) but I do keep a diary on My deviant art page (which gets more hits than my blog ever did!) I hope that this counts. If not I'll share anyway.

This year I'd like to save up enough money to be able to visit my friend in Tokyo next year. You see she has just been posted over there, and It would be wonderful to visit a country that I have been interested in for a long time and see a good friend all in one go. However, living in England, the price of plane tickets for myself and my family is nearly £3000, so its going to be a marathon saving year! We'd like to visit her next summer (2012). Hopefully as well as visiting my friend we'll get a chance to visit Kyoto, and maybe spend a few days in less urban areas too. When the time comes to book I'm afraid you might receive a question filled message asking for "insider information"

Last year was a big year of changes for me, I've started my first job since the children were born, moved into a house that I am finally happy to call a home, had my children start school, and discovered Haruki Murakami. I'd like to read the few books of his that I havent read yet this year. (I read seven or eight last year!)
Keep up the beautiful blog entries! Though I dont comment much I really do enjoy reading them!

mariko said...

I have really been enjoying your blog! I have been to Minoo once to see the monkeys (of course).
One thing I would like to accomplish in 2011 is to be more open to new ideas and adventures. I feel like I have become a bit too much of a curmudgeon! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

jalna said...

Congratulations!! That is amaaaazing . . . but deservedly so. Your daily posts are so interesting and depicts the normal every-day life of someone living in Japan so well. When I started reading about this giveaway, I thought that I shouldn't enter because I had already won one previously, but as soon as I came to your no. 6 rule, that thought went out the door. Hoooo hooo!!! One thing I'd like to accomplish in 2011 is to lose some weight.

Alessa said...

I have a list of recipes I call my recipe resolutions that I want to accomplish this 2011.

manju said...

Hi, Kat! Happy New Year! And congratulations on the success and reach of your blog.

I'm looking forward to catching up with what you & Satoshi have been up to this past year, sounds like you managed to get back to Hawaii for awhile! I've been thinking a lot about the Islands, too, since we're waking up now to sheets of ice that used to be roads! *sigh*
Keep warm...

chandlerguera said...

I'm a follower, my resolutions are to read more and be more attentive to my health, and I just blogged about your giveaway! I'm reading, "Behind the Palace Walls" about Princes William and Harry.

Donna said...

I hope to accomplish finally making a perfect pie crust! Mine are always tough 8-) I need to learn that light touch so I don't overwork the dough.

blukats said...

One thing I would like to accomplish this year? To go back to Japan at least once and have all the info I need to have a really great time.

I've been meaning to comment here to thank you for your restaurant reviews. I was able to find the Cafe FOB in Harajuku and tried it out thanks to your info posted here.

I do have a blog and will post if I win. Even if I don't, thank you for writing nice informative posts!

Rissa said...

Hi Kat-san and Satoshi-san, nice to (kind of) meet you! My name is Rissa, and I'm a freshman university student in Montreal, Canada.
One of my goals this year is to finish making 1000 paper cranes for my kendo sempai. His eye socket got shattered during warm-up (his 'men' wasn't on...), my friends and I thought that the most we could do for him is to show him that we will still be cheering for him even though we never see him in the dojo anymore. He was the one who said to us that the kendo club is now our second family, which was very comforting to me because this is my first year away from home.
On a more personal level, I would like to develop a healthier relationship with food this year!
I hope this comment isn't too long. Your blog is always so delightful to read, thank you for updating it so often!


Hannah said...

My goal is to figure out whether or not I'm happy doing my PhD, and allow myself to make the decision about whether to continue or not accordingly. Also, I want to keep making more raw vegan desserts! :D

P.S. I follow you in google reader... is that being subscribed to your RSS feed?

Japan Australia said...

Congrats on passing 500 followers. That is an amazing milestone. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to more fantastic posts and pictures.

zulugrid said...

I'd like to learn how to build some furniture, and maybe make a desk or bookshelf.

Little Fish said...

Congrats on 500 followers, and thanks for the giveaway! I'd love to one day travel to Japan, but in the meantime I've enjoyed your posts and pictures! My New Year's Resolution is to enjoy my home state while I'm still here. I'll be moving across the country for grad school come fall!

Deb in Hawaii said...

Congrats on the 500 followers that is awesome!

This year I am striving to get back to healthier cooking and eating overall. (Of course that doesn't mean I won't splurge now & then!) ;-)

bluang3lbby said...

The one thing I like to do this year to is to experiment with yeast breads. I would love to make a loaf of bread from start to finish even though the kneading part is what is going to be scary.

RyoJul said...

Something that I would like to accomplish in 2011 is to get all As in my six classes. If I cannot achieve this I hope I am not too disappointed. I have high expectations of myself. I hope I get into the four year college I applied to for the fall. Here's hoping all goes well.

Congratulations on your 500 followers.

yanni said...

Love your blog.
My goal of 2011 is to get married and have honeymoon in Japan.