Thursday, January 13, 2011

on a walk

delivery On a walk, I caught this soba delivery guy.

Someone actually jumped in front of his bicycle which made him lose his momentum and almost made him fall over.

This actually gave me some time to whip out my camera.

IMG_0515 I noticed this tall crane lifting planks of wood off of a truck and wondered why they needed the crane.

I realized that there are many electrical wires in between the truck and construction area, so everything needed to be lifted up and over the wires.

IMG_0517 How cute are these two?

The man was leading the lady, making sure she didn't fall.

IMG_0518 This tree is called kamisori no ki (razor blade tree or Euonymus alatus).

During the year, this tree is filled with leaves, but come Autumn/Winter, only the branches are left and look exactly like criss-crossing razor blades.

IMG_0520 The river water was so calm that the reflection was so clear.

My afternoon walks these days are usually highlighted by warm yet beautiful sunsets.

IMG_0519 It is the Year of the Rabbit, I think you'll be seeing a lot of rabbits now and then on this blog.

These were on the wall of a neighborhood pre-school.

IMG_0521 Like I said previously, the river was so clear. I think this heron was busy looking at itself.

The tree on the top of the photo is actually a reflection.

IMG_0522 I ran into a group of people getting ready to pound some mochi (rice cakes).

This is the usu (mortar) that is used to pound the rice.

Don't know why they were pounding mochi after New Years, but thought it was nice that their group was having lots of fun.

IMG_0523 I also noticed that this house got another Hello Kitty for their entrance, wearing a Chinese dress.

What have you been seeing on your walks?


KirkK said...

Hey Kat - I love these "slice of life" posts and photos!

jalna said...

I looooved this walk. Makes me wish I were there. That razor blade tree is so cool.

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk :)

Yeah Jalna, we could walk the neighborhood together :)

Take care you two.

Japan Australia said...

You got to watch those bikes zipping around the local neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, that tree is really kind of scary-looking! I think I might irrationally shy away from walking near it if I spotted it in my path.

Jonathan said...

Wow, great post so full of experience! Love the photography.

K and S said...

I've seen bicycles clip other bicycles because they don't want to stop or don't know the rules of the road J-A! scary stuff!

The tree does get really tall Anon, it would definitely be scary if there were more than one.

Thanks Jonathan, glad you enjoyed the photos too :)

Take care everyone.

Rowena... said...

Yesterday I saw a couple of hellebore flowers in bloom which looks so odd given that everything else around them was dead. That razor blade tree is cool (and I like how you now link to Flickr and even add some extra info!).

K and S said...

Hellebore flowers are something I've seen, though I don't remember what season :( thanks for the advice about photos Rowena :)

Take care.

ParisBreakfasts said...

I would LOVE to have Soba noodles delivered.They are not so easy to make if I remember correctly - several dippings in cold water.

The box sits
for me
on the shelf...

(a haiku :)

K and S said...

PB I think your haiku may be missing a part. If I remember correction a haiku is 5-7-5 :)

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Great pictures--so fun! ;-)

K and S said...

Thanks Deb in Hawaii :)

Take care.

manju said...

Love that you caught the soba delivery guy -- quick thinking and steady hands! I haven't seen one of those since my last time in Okinawa.

K and S said...

Thanks Manju, it is rare to see deliveries on bicycles these days, more and more they are on mopeds.

Take care.