Monday, February 07, 2011

foodie sunday in minoo

percaffebianco Yesterday, Satoshi had to work. The weather was nice except for the volcanic smog (VOG) in the air, so I decided to go out for a walk.

I first had lunch at my favorite cafe, Per Caffe Bianco. The daily pasta lunch was delicious, a melt in your mouth pork simmered in tomato sauce and veggies over spaghettini. A cup of pumpkin soup and for a little extra, a cappuccino...1150 yen (about US$11.50)

It was my first cappuccino for 2011 from this cafe.

Business seems to be a bit rough for them, but I'm glad their food is still good and their cappuccinos still delicious.

minoo (5) After lunch, I walked a little ways into the Quasi Park and found these people.

This big contraption had 3D (red/blue) glasses attached to them and everyone was looking in and listening to a man tell stories.

I also went to look inside and the pictures don't move but it was neat to listen and watch the man talk about different historic spots in Minoo.

Listening to storytellers while looking at paintings were a form of entertainment for Japanese during the Edo Period, about the 1600s.

kitty Hello Kitty comes in a Minoo (our city) version, with her in a monkey costume, a little monkey and momiji (maple leaf) tempura. The monkey and momiji tempura are famous items in our city.

I bought this one attached to a pen...600 yen (about US$6)

minoo I saw this sasanqua, there was a red tree next to a white tree that had "mixed" to make this red-white flower, cool yeah??

korakudo I saw these matcha ichigo daifuku the other day while walking past Korakudo, but didn't have any money with me at the time, so I picked some up to try yesterday...400 yen for 2 (about US$4)

Around the strawberry is a sweet bean paste with minced green tea leaves and a soft mochi (rice cake) around everything...delicious.

Lots of walking and lots of eating...the air is bad with the VOG from Kirishima, and it looks like the weather will be getting a little cooler this coming week.

Hope you have a good week.


Pocky said...

I love your Hello Kitty pen. So cute. I would love to be able to just go for a walk and see cool things like you do. I'd probably get run over by a car crossing the street. It's not very pedestrian friendly around here. lol

Dennis K. said...

Sounds like a great day! No photo of the delicious pasta?? ;)

Deb in Hawaii said...

Looks like a fun day--except for the VOG of course. ;-(

Love the pen--so cute! ;-)

Japan Australia said...

We had the typhoon hit North Queensland here in Australia and we felt its tail here in Melbourne with massive storms and flooding, but apart from that a good weekend. Love the Hello Kitty in monkey costume. I used to enjoy seeing all the different versions that each town or area would have.

K and S said...

sometimes I almost get run over too, forget that the cars run on the leftside of the road, Kim :p

sorry no pasta Dennis, next time for sure.

thanks Deb in Hawaii :)

I saw footage of that typhoon and flood, J-A what a horrible natural disaster, I hope the people who lost their homes will be able to rebuild as soon as possible.

Take care everyone.

Rowena... said...

Apart from the vog, your walks are looking fabulous. I'll have to get my cappuccino soon...still haven't yet for this year!

Japan Australia said...

Thanks K & S

Everyone around the country has been great and everyone is chipping in and helping people out.

K and S said...

Hope you get your 1st cappuccino soon Rowena!

That is good to hear, J-A!

Take care you two.

K said...

Cute HK pen! I have a few regional HK items that I got on my last visit to Japan, will have to see where I stored them so I can actually use them, haha.

K and S said...

Hope you find them K and hopefully all the ink won't be dried up.

Take care.