Monday, February 14, 2011

we're back

tsuwano We're back from Hagi & Tsuwano.

Lots of pictures to sort through, and lots to tell.

Hope to get something up soon and catch up on my favorite blogs.

To tied you over, I wanted to show you all the snow we got to experience. It really reminded us of being in Hokkaido.

Happy Valentine's to everyone!


KirkK said...

Wow, that's some snow! I'm looking forward to your posts.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Happy you are back--can't wait to see and hear about it.

The snow is so pretty. ;-)

Japan Australia said...

Welcome Back!! Love the picture and lots of snow. Looking forward to hearing more about the trip.

K and S said...

it was Kirk :)

Thanks Deb in Hawaii, hope I don't disappoint.

Thanks J-A :)

Take care everyone.

Patzie said...

welcome back! and Happy White Valentine's Day (?) :)

K and S said...

Thanks Patzie, it was a Happy White Valentine's Day :)

Take care.