Thursday, February 17, 2011


IMG_0576 On Sunday, we awoke to the whole town covered in snow. As one of my Flickr friends said, "Looks like a toy village with powdered sugar poured on it." Sure did.

There were many other sights to be seen in Tsuwano but either they were out of the way or closed due to the snow.

Since we had some time before the train ride back to Yamaguchi, Satoshi thought we should kill some time at a museum in town but I didn't want to get my shoes & socks wet like the days before, so I convinced him that with the weather the way it was, we should try to get back to Osaka as soon as possible.

I also convinced him that we should take a taxi from our hotel to the station. It was a good call too because the roads were packed with snow.

As we rode in the taxi, we saw many people shoveling again and the driver explained that most of the trains weren't running the day before.

tsuwano21311 (2) Here's a view of a train heading towards Tsuwano, somewhere under all that snow is the platform.

We fell asleep along the way, but I think it took us about an hour and a half from Tsuwano to Shin-Yamaguchi.

yamaguchi21311 (2) Since we had some time before our Shinkansen (bullet train) back to Osaka, we stopped into Santouka for lunch.

I had seen this place on our way to Hagi and thought it was the ramen place that I see Kirk & Dennis talk about on their blogs, but it wasn't.

A little bummed but still hungry, I decided to go with the Santouka Go-Go Don...550 yen (about US$5.50), this was a chicken katsu don. Usually you can find tonkatsu (pork cutlet) don, but chicken katsu is kind of rare.

I liked this but there was too much rice for me to finish it.

yamaguchi21311 Satoshi went with the Curry de U-don...670 yen (about US$6.70).

This starts with rice at the bottom, a layer of grated yamaimo (mountain yam), a layer of udon then it is covered with lots of curry.

He said it was good but wouldn't rush back to eat it again, I didn't taste it, so I guess it was just okay.

yamaguchi21311 (5) We also found a local cider, Choshu Ji-cider.

Fizzy and flavored with natsumikan (chinese citron). This was good.

osaka21311 With all the cold and wetness, Satoshi's shoes gave out on him. The picture doesn't do it justice it was goners!

It was cold and wet but I got to see snow, lots of it (though I was afraid we may get frost bite).

I'm glad we went to Hagi and Tsuwano and wouldn't mind going back again, hope you enjoyed our adventure as much as we did.


manju said...

Your adventures in Hagi and Tsuwano were really something -- I really have to be pushed out the door when the weather is bad like that but often the overcast skies and lack of crowds also make sights very unforgettable, like the temple with the 500 lanterns you saw. You guys always have a nice mix of sight-seeing and food!

Egg104 said...

Love your blog! Sometimes I feel like If I traveled to japan I would find my way around because of you ;) !!

Dennis K. said...

OMG how beautiful and fun! And I've just been craving katsudon a lot lately!

jalna said...

The thick snow fall looks so neat. Having been in snow only once in my life, it's such a novelty for me. I really enjoyed "our" trip. Thanks for sharing.

Japan Australia said...

Some great pictures again!! Didn`t realize how bad the snow was until that picture of the train and train station. You guys did really well to see and do all the things you managed to do on the trip.

K and S said...

it's not the first trip we've taken that involved bad weather Manju, we just go! and don't let much stop us (unless it is totally dangerous!)

Thanks Egg104 :)

Must be the time of year Dennis ;)

seeing snow is always a novelty for me Jalna :)

we're happy with how much got done, J-A despite the weather.

Take care everyone!

Rowena... said...

I really enjoyed this travel adventure, despite the setback from the snow. It makes me realize, again, how different travel can be depending on transport. For us all the difference is in the snow tires. With them, have snow and we go! And no foget to pack the snow boots.

Deb in Hawaii said...

So beautiful with the snow--glad you didn't freeze. ;-) Lunch looks like it would warm you up.

K and S said...

Thanks Rowena :) we were relieved we didn't rent a car because we weren't used to driving in that kind of weather!

I'm glad we didn't freeze too Deb in Hawaii, have often heard bad stories about frost bite :0

Take care you two.

Caitlyn and Chad said...

That picture of the train is amazing! What a great shot :-)

K and S said...

Thanks Caitlyn & Chad :)

Take care.

KirkK said...

Not quite Santouka??? I think I'll be having Katsu-don today!

Su-Lin said...

Yay, you got snow! I wouldn't mind somemore of it now. :D

K and S said...

hope you get some katsu-don today Kirk :)

I think I'm ready for Spring Su-Lin :)

Take care you two.